5 September 2021

Hugh Mendes 9/11 Works Revisited In London Retrospective

100 paintings spanning 20 years of work, the exhibition will provide a fascinating overview of Mendes’ career

11 September 2014


Dallas Art Park Displays World Trade Center Beam Sculpture

Thirteen years ago today, the world was changed forever by the terror attacks on the United States that brought down the World Trade Center, and shaped the contemporary world, and hence arts response to it. There is now a new centre-piece of the new Twelfth Street Art Park,  in Dallas USA – a creation of […]

31 July 2011


9/11 Tenth Anniversary Memorial Exhibition

9/10/11 A New London exhibition that sensitively tackles the subject of  9/11 and how Fleet Street dealt with the issues beyond the tabloid headlines

20 December 2010


9/11 Sculpture for London’s Southbank

An 8-meter sculpture fashioned from girders reclaimed from the World Trade Centre site is to be erected on Potters Fields Park outside the new City Hall in London’s Southbank. The sculpture designed by American, Miya Ando will incorporate girders from sections of the ruined skyscrapers. They have been donated by the New York Port Authority […]