10 December 2020


Billy Childish: The Timeless Present – Neugerriemschneider Berlin – Edward Lucie-Smith

Billy Childish has been around a long time. He is not only an artist but a poet and a composer of music.

29 May 2014


New Voices In Art Exhibition Launches At BL-NK Hackney

Hackney Council Speaker is bringing together acclaimed artists from across the borough of Hackney and beyond including internationally recognised artists for an exclusive exhibition at urban space pop-up BL-NK in Shoreditch. Speaker’s Corner: New Voices in Hackney Art will be launched at a free private viewing at BL-NK on Thursday 29 May and will be […]

20 May 2014


Harry Adams: The Rereading Of Historic Art In Milan

Harry Adams is not actually a real person. He is however a real artist. The name of Harry Adams is a pseudonym for the artistic partnership between Steven Lowe and Adam Wood. Although the two artists have collaborated since 1988, they only assimilated the character Harry Adams around six years ago. The two artists, who […]

11 April 2014


L-13 An Art Space Created For The Disruptive Betterment Of Culture

Light Industrial Workshop better know as L-13 is an art space created for the ‘Disruptive Betterment of Culture’. It is an independent contemporary art space in Clerkenwell, London seeking to reinvigorate and subvert pre-conceived ways in which art is considered and produced, blurring the distinctions between art production and exhibition. The organisation not only represent, […]

17 March 2014


Billy Childish To Launch His first Solo Painting Show In Hong Kong

British artist Billy Childish is to launch his first solo painting show in Hong Kong at the Lehmann Maupin gallery. A prolific artist, musician and poet, Childish is an energetic creative force whose practice is a consistent aspect of his everyday life. Created over the past year, Childish’s most recent paintings comprise large-scale portraits and […]

25 January 2013


Tracey Emin’s NY Dealer To Open In Hong Kong

Top New York dealers, Lehmann Maupin Gallery will open their first exhibition space outside New York, on Thursday, 14 March 2013, in the historic Pedder Building in Hong Kong. One of the city’s most iconic buildings, located in the heart of Central, the neo-classical building was constructed in 1923 and is the last surviving pre-war […]

10 December 2012


Tracey Emin Buys Ex’s Painting At Art Basel Miami

A large canvas depicting a soldier on a horse, in the battlefield by ‘Stuckist  founder’, Billy Childish has sold to the YBA artist Tracey Emin for an undisclosed sum. It was purchased from the Lehmann Maupin Gallery booth at Art Basel Miami, on the opening day of the fair.  It is always interesting to have […]