15 November 2022


Kunstmuseum Basel Unveils Degenerate Art Exhibition From Their Own Collection

The Kunstmuseum Basel has unveiled an exhibition from their unique German and French Modernism collection.

20 February 2018

Emil Nolde: A Secret Heart Of Darkness – Sue Hubbard

There is a conundrum at the heart of the work of Emil Nolde.

9 July 2015


Degenerate Art: London Exhibition Explores This Ominous Period of German History

An exhibition of German Expressionist artists, exponents of Degenerate Art has opened at E&R Cyzer gallery. It is an unique opportunity to see a number of paintings by artists who were persecuted under Hitler with their work were dismissed as ‘Entartete Kunst’. This is the first exhibition of note to take  place in London for over 5 years. […]

8 December 2014


Degenerate Art From German Museums Goes On Display In Liège

A new exhibition bringing together works from the well documented Lucerne auction in 1939 has been mounted in Liège. On the eve of the Second World War, the Nazi authorities wished to dispose of modern art works that were in the collections and on display in German art galleries and museums, considered “degenerate”by the Third […]

18 February 2014


Degenerate Art Collector Cornelius Gurlitt Slams German Officials And Media In Online Statement

Cornelius Gurlitt the owner of a hoard of Nazi era ‘degenerate art’ which was confiscated by German officials in 2012 has lashed out at critics by setting up a website to counter the media frenzy, that has reached fever pitch since the discovery of the 200,000,000 euro collection. Works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Renoir and […]

19 January 2014


Nazi Degenerate Art Online: V&A To Release Unique Archive List

The V&A have announced plans to release the only known copy of a complete list of ‘Entartete Kunst’ (‘Degenerate Art’) confiscated by the Nazi regime from public institutions in Germany, mostly during 1937 and 38. Entartete Kunst was the title of an exhibition held in Munich in 1937 drawn from the works seized by the […]

6 November 2013


What Exactly Is Degenerate Art And Why The Nazis Loathed It

Modern art was the bane of the third Reich. Adolf Hitler was a frustrated art student who was rejected from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This was to have a profound effect on his future as a politician and a leader. It also influenced his desire to rid the world of Modernism and create […]

24 August 2013


Berlin Gets New Modern Art Museum 76 Years After Nazi Ban

A brand new Modern Art museum is to be built in Berlin directly behind Berlin’s New National Gallery, 76 years after Modern Art was outlawed by the Nazis. Berlin has given the go ahead to build a new museum to house its 20th Century art, as well as a collection donated by Ulla and Heiner […]

29 March 2012


Museum Clings Onto ‘Degenerate’ Klee Artwork Stolen By Nazis

Munich museum refuses to return Paul Klee painting, seized from family by Nazis to be displayed in 1937 ‘degenerate art’ exhibition The descendents of a German art historian have filed a legal claim against the city of Munich demanding the return of a Paul Klee painting that was apparently stolen from their family by the […]