Desperate Artwives,Motherhood

Desperate Artwives Explore Issues Of Personal Identity Loss And Motherhood

Desperate Artwives Exhibition is an exhibition of many voices; it is a collection of imaginative and engaging artworks made by members of the Desperate Artwives group. The works are brought together through the artists’ shared insistence on drawing the audiences’ attention to overlooked aspects of women’s lives.

22 January 2017

Feminist Art Exhibition Explores Safety And Vulnerability In The Brexit Trump Era

Faced with the strange twists and turns of the past year, from Brexit to Trump, it has often felt like the easiest thing to do would be to hide away and refuse to acknowledge that any of this is happening. For many people – women, minorities, immigrants – the world is suddenly an even more hostile place than before. At the same time, our ability to seek refuge is being taken away, with less and less funding for vital social services. In this environment, we must join together to resist – and survive.

15 December 2016