15 October 2017

Migration, Cyber Women, and Breast Ironing: New Art Prize explores diverse themes

An exciting new prize has arrived on the UK art scene. The Emerging Female Artists prize was initiated by the arts and human rights charity, FiLiA, with a call for entries this summer. Since 2013, part of FiLiA’s mission has been to support the development of new female artists working in the UK today.

22 January 2017

Desperate Artwives Explore Issues Of Personal Identity Loss And Motherhood

Desperate Artwives Exhibition is an exhibition of many voices; it is a collection of imaginative and engaging artworks made by members of the Desperate Artwives group. The works are brought together through the artists’ shared insistence on drawing the audiences’ attention to overlooked aspects of women’s lives.

15 December 2016


Feminist Art Exhibition Explores Safety And Vulnerability In The Brexit Trump Era

Faced with the strange twists and turns of the past year, from Brexit to Trump, it has often felt like the easiest thing to do would be to hide away and refuse to acknowledge that any of this is happening. For many people – women, minorities, immigrants – the world is suddenly an even more hostile place than before. At the same time, our ability to seek refuge is being taken away, with less and less funding for vital social services. In this environment, we must join together to resist – and survive.

13 August 2014


Barbara Nessim: First US Retrospective Explores This Pioneering Feminist Artist Illustrator

Barbara Nessim mounts her first retrospective exhibition in the US after her well received show in London, at the V&A (Victoria and Albert museum), in 2013. A constant innovator for more than four decades, Barbara was one of the first illustrators to utilise the computer as an artistic tool. This exhibition examines her sketchbooks, hand-drawn […]

1 June 2014


Mercedes Ferrari Attempts To Deconstruct The Social Stereotyping of Women

Mercedes Ferrari’s work is composed of sculpture, drawing, video and performance. Packed with humour and energy, Her work explores human behaviour and relationships within the domestic space. Using readymade materials and traditional objects, she assembles them together creating unique installations with a universal meaning. Ferrari’s object based creatures often depict the female body. With this, […]

12 April 2013


The Feminist Art Explosion: A Global Phenomenon Born In 1970

Ilka Scobie looks back on a vibrant period of art history and social change – Artlyst Exclusive Notorious for street crime, a crumbling urban infrastructure, abandoned buildings, and homeless people, New York City, my hometown, was fertile ground for social and creative resolution. 1970 was the year that the Ad Hoc Women’s Artist committee challenged […]