19 August 2014


King Robbo Unmasked By St Pancras Coroner’s Court

The identity of the Street artist John Robertson AKA King Robbo has been revealed for the first time, by a coroner’s court. It was kept a highly guarded secret from the public for nearly three decades.  The artist had been in a vegetative state suffering from head injuries since he was found at the bottom […]

14 March 2012


Banksy Rivals Reveal Root of Graffiti Feud

Team Robbo reveal the origins of the war between legendary street artists Banksy and King Robbo In a statement released on Street Art blog Sabotage Times, Team Robbo have spoken in depth about the origins of the high-profile clash between their leader King Robbo and the internationally acclaimed Banksy. Back in the 1980s, King Robbo […]

16 December 2011


Liverpool’s New Banksy Vandalised By Feuding Rival

Banksy image of a biplane leaving a trail of smoke in Liverpool has been vandalised by long-term and bitter rival King Robbo The new Bansky work of a biplane leaving a trail of smoke across the wall of a car park in Liverpool city centre has been vandalised by a rival graffiti artist King Robbo. […]

5 November 2011


Banksy Artwork Lost in graffiti War

Archway mural sprayed over by rival aerosol gang King Robbo or one of his followers may have been responsible for the loss of a major Banksy this week. The Archway mural at Junction Road, opposite McDonald’s, has been sprayed over with black paint. Another Banksy near Quinn’s pub in Camden Town was also damaged but […]