24 April 2016


Damien Hirst Back In Gagosian’s Life After Four Year Hiatus

YBA Damien Hirst and super-dealer Larry Gagosian have settled their differences after a four year hiatus  The worlds largest gallery chain have committed their entire space at Frieze New York, in May to solo an overview of works created by Hirst. “It will be a classical presentation—an early shark piece, instrument cabinet, medicine cabinet, butterfly painting…We wanted to […]

4 January 2016


Richard Prince And Larry Gagosian Sued In New Plagiarism Case

Donald Graham a professional photographer has sued the Gagosian Gallery, Larry Gagosian, and the artist Richard Prince. The case brought as a federal complaint was lodged on New Years eve.  The case relates to the unauthorised use of one of Mr Grham’s  images which depicts a Rastafarian Smoking a Joint. It appeared in the 2014 show “New Portraits”. The image was exhibited […]

5 December 2014


Ronald Perelman Case Against Art Dealer Larry Gagosian Dropped

The billionaire art collector Ronald Perelman’s attempts to expose what he has called the “dirty” side of the art world ended on Thursday when his lawsuit against the international art dealer Larry Gagosian was dismissed by the appellate division of the New York State Supreme Court. Mr. Perelman had claimed, through his holding company MacAndrews […]

6 May 2013


Jeff Koons Sticks With Gagosian For New Spring Exhibition

We reported back in December that A third ‘Art Star’, Jeff Koons, appeared on the brink of joining Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama in exiting the Gagosian Gallery roster, after he was allegedly in exhibition talks with Gagosian arch-rival, David Zwirner. Well this has now evaporated and Gagosian and Zwirner are both presenting exhibitions of […]

12 February 2013


Uber-Confident Art Dealers Lose Face As Cases Go To Court

Art dealers have been getting a hard time of it recently, their profession’s reputation shaken by a succession of high-profile cases. Only a few days ago, the French American dealer Guy Wildenstein was charged in Paris with tax evasion and money laundering; this may be the first of several convictions, as he awaits trial for […]

30 December 2012


Gagosian Gallery Empire Under Threat As Top Artists Jump Ship

In the latter half of December, the largest gallery in the world suddenly found its future dominance in doubt.

27 April 2012


Cy Twombly Last Paintings To Be Revealed By Gagosian

  In tribute to the late great Cy Twombly, Gagosian Gallery is to present his last paintings and one hundred of his photographs, ranging from early studio impressions from the 1950s to a group of landscape subjects that he took in St Barths last year. Since 2008, major exhibitions of Twombly’s intimate photographs have been […]

17 March 2012


Free Damien Hirst Spot Prints Offered By Gagosian

 Gagosian gives signed print to visitors of all eleven Hirst exhibitions Whether this was some kind of a private joke, I can’t say, and I know almost everything! It was reported last month that Larry Gagosian was giving away a free signed print by Damien Hirst to art enthusiasts, who visited all eleven locations of […]

26 February 2012


Cy Twombly Estate Provokes Italian Tax Controversy

Italian government claims Twombly owes taxes totaling almost $40 million The American artist Cy Twombly who died last July, in his adoptive Italian home, in Rome, age 83, has set the capital’s taxmen scrambling, to find a way to take a portion of his multimillion dollar estate.  Twombly is perhaps best known for his chalkboard […]

13 December 2011


Damien Hirst Spot Paintings To Flood The World

300 spot paintings from 1986-present are set to be exhibited simultaneously across Gagosian’s 11 galleries across the world Damien Hirst has teamed up with his longtime U.S. dealer Larry Gagosian to deliver a complete exhibition of his ‘Spot’ paintings across all 11 Gagosian galleries worldwide.  All the exhibitions, from London to Hong Kong, to Beverly […]

11 September 2011


Dasha Zhukova Launches Garage Magazine

Cover features controversial Damien Hirst butterfly Tattoo but is it any good? The long awaited launch of Garage magazine will take place sometime next week. This is perhaps the most talked about art publication in the last decade. The monthly magazine, which covers art and fashion is edited by none other than Dasha Zhukova, who […]

5 August 2011


Damien Hirst A Case Of Spots

New Simultaneous Exhibition For February Announced Damien Hirst and Larry Gagosian have announced a simultaneous exhibition celebrating his spot paintings to be held at all of the Gagosian Galleries in February 2012. Over three hundred works from this iconic series consisting of multi-coloured spots, will be shown throughout the global network of high profile Gagosian […]

5 July 2011


Cy Twombly American Calligraphic Abstract Painter Dies In Rome

Cy Twombly the iconic American painter has died in a hospital in Rome,age 83, His death was announced by the director of the Lambert collection