1 January 2018

Can Art Transform Society? – Two Exhibition Reviews By Revd Jonathan Evens

Two current exhibitions seem to suggest that art can transform society.

18 August 2017

Nature Morte: Contemporary Still life Explored At Guildhall Art Gallery

A new exhibition celebrating the cult of Nature Morte explores how leading artists of the 21st century have reinvigorated the still life.

30 May 2016


Seventy Artists Reinvigorate The Still Life In Nature Morte Traveling Exhibition

A new traveling exhibition,’Nature Morte’ sees Contemporary artists reinvigorate the still life at the Konsthallen- Bohusläns museum in Sweden. This is the Gallery´s major summer exhibition which assembles a large number of international and Nordic contemporary artists showing works that relate to a still life tradition. Altogether 70 artists are included in the exhibition, many internationally known as Mat Collishaw, Michael […]