Central St Martins Colourful And Diverse Degree Shows 2017


Central St Martins BA and MA degree shows kicked off this weekend with a number of multidisciplinary exhibitions stretching across the Kings Cross campus. The MA was a bit more colourful and fun this year with a heavy emphasis on Performance and Installation Art with an obvious love of materials and found objects. Outstanding were Dannielle Hodson’s cubist inspired performance and Dejan Mrdja who worked in drawing and performance disciplines.  The BA show had a number of painters of note including; Aaron Ford’s epic painting panels ‘Show me the Beginning and I Swear to God I’ll show you the End’ and Joseph Childlaw’s politically inspired canvases.  Here are some of our favourites pieces. (See Slide Show)

Dannielle Hodson
Dannielle Hodson

Central St Martins MA Fine Arts
The students of MA Fine Art aim to challenge and explore a wide range of issues and concerns relating to art and its intersections with current contemporary culture. Their individualities, origins and background determine the diversity of visual language and mediums they work across, which include painting, sculpture, photography and print-making, as well as video, sound, installation, performance and beyond. Graduates include: WALID AL WAWI, KIRSTIN BARNES, MICHAEL S. BRYAN, ALESSANDRO CARBONI, MARIANNE CASMOSE, PABLO CASTAÑEDA SANTANA, FERGUS COOPER, ANTONY CROSSFIELD, JASMINE FULFORD, DANNIELLE HODSON ZHAO HUANG, ANASTASIA KACHALOVA, ERIKO KAWAI, ALEKSANDRA KOSON, PEI-FEN LEE, M. LOHRUM, JACK MARDER, JORGE MARTIN, DEJAN MRDJA, MATTHEW NIGHTINGALE, JANE PHILLIPS, AGATHE REILLE, MĒTRA SABEROVA, IRENE SARTORIO, ZSUZSA SZUTS, JAMES TAILOR, JOJO TAYLOR, NIAMH TREACY, MATTEO VALERIO, RUPERT WHALE, MICHELLE YASUDA


Elisa Costantini
Elisa Costantini

MA Photography
The interdisciplinary practices from students of MA Photography reflect the novel forms of dissemination, proliferation, and function of images that surround us today. Exploring this digital condition opens up an enquiry into what photography might be, beyond a two-dimensional representation, fixed in time. Ideas that question/problematise traditional binary approaches to thought and production mesh with a reevaluation of what it means to be a photographic artist interacting with society via the “black box” of a camera. Graduates include: TIMO BAIER, SIOBHAN BRADSHAW, ELISA COSTANTINI, MATILDE DAMELE, LUCREZIA DE FAZIO, IRENE DOMÍNGUEZ JERVIS, XUE DU, ANNI KATRIN ELMER, EBONY FRANCIS, VISHAL KUMARASWAMY, BEN LANSKYMAXIMILIEN LEBAUDY, MARIA LUIGIA GIOFFRÈ, BEN MARLAND, CAROLINA MITSUKA, ALEX ONISIFOROU, YIXIAO SHAO, SIMONA SHARAFUDINOV, VALENTINA STOCCO, JULIA WOLF, FANG WU


Hannah Scott
Hannah Scott

MA Art & Science
MA Art and Science students are responding to a fast-emerging territory for interdisciplinary and collaborative practice. From a diverse set of professional and creative backgrounds, they are all engaged in challenging the boundaries of traditional modes of artistic exploration. Through cross-pollination of ideas and shared motivations, the students are discovering novel manifestations of art and science and investigating how to communicate them. Graduates include: AGNESE BASOVA, JOSH CHOW, MONIKA DORNIAK, YU JI, MARIA MACC, JUAN PEREZ FIGUEROA, LEON RADSCHINSKI-GORMAN, HEATHER SCOTT, HANNAH SCOTT, VIRGINIE SERNEELS, ITING SHIH, NICOLAS STRAPPINI, NEUS TORRES TAMARIT, MICHELLE VON MANDEL


Jessie Mac Stevenson
Jessie Mac Stevenson winner of the Cass Art Prize 2017

BA Graduates

Of particular note Ella Husbands video installation on the top floor, Painting by Joseph Chidla, Aaron Ford, Realf Heygate and Antoine Langenieux-Villard. I also liked the mobility vehicle complete with balloons and Muzac by Grace Hinton.
Graduates include:  Bence Magyarlaki, Kaewkanjana, Chuenruetainaidhama, Isabel Acevedo, Serna Wakana, Akimoto Jennifer, Aldred Alice, Grenier-Nebout, Thomas Allison, Isabel Alsina-Reynolds, Hayley Jane Chapman, Alexander Barkhouse, Amaury Nicole, Shona Berloth, Loyane Bianchini, Dahlia Abbassy, Yoanna Bochowski, Emma Boittiaux Bernette Boost, Kaitlyn, Walker-Stewart, Alyssa Brewer, George Bularca, Toni Dal Riah, Jocelyn Nathaniel Faulkner, Xilesia Dwyer, Henry KEJI, Georgia Clayton-Jeeves, Robbie Carman, Sebastian Carter, Stephanie Cavalcanti, Leah Caven, Sam Bailey, Milo Burgess, Rae Yenjung Chen, Joseph Chidlaw, Sophia Abbassy, Isabel Clancy, Vica Graham Clemie, Tom Coates, Jessica Couch, Alice Courtis, Rebecca Courtis, Tobias Croxton, William Dalton, Idalina Domingos, Anneke Dessens, Isobel Dixon, Zeynep Dolanay, Chenchen Dong, Jessica Donnelly, Joe Donohoe, Juliana Dorso, Jesse Butler, Brad Dyer,Charis Evans, Harriet Burns, Alex Forbes, Aaron Fordwoh, Viana Gaudino, Gonçalo LamasInês Gonçalves, Isabella Gooch, Sally Gorham, Bayan Al-Jaf ,Realf Heygate, Gopes Filip, Haglund Han Ruiji, Eleanor Strong, Madeleine Hayter, Jess Heritage, Grace Hinton, JJ Lincoln, Jo Yi,  Hoon Sophia, Hooton Rose, Hung, Mariella  Husbands, Steven Bye, Clara Imbert, Max Jefcut ,Cecelia Johnson ,Louis Jones, Inca Jordan, Sneha Joshi ,Jamie Knights Rin Kokuba Meghna Lall Wes Gilpin Olwyn Carroll Antoine Langenieux-Villard Chloe Langsbury Leticia Laxon Fiona Lee Taliesin Lewis Zi Liang Ning Lin Jenny Littlehales Tuli Litvak Daria Blum Andrew Mallinson Lauren Maxey Lucie McLaughlin, Grace McLoughlin, Arnaud Meneroud ,Noor Miah, Kate Anne  Miller ,Ruby Michal ,Musialek,Levi Naidu-Mitchell, Léo Nataf, Jessica Oag-Cooper, Kerry O’Connor Glo Orpilla Agata Ostaszewska Kaya Ozard Ling Ling Jiyoung Park Milton Patrick Adam Patterson Glitt3rB1tch Mercedez-Rianne Powis-McIntoshv Sam Eve Preston Lucy Emma Price Naomi Proudlove Mengge Qin Soraya Rais Lucy Ralph Hollie Ralphson Kelly Randall Ruby Revell Sophie Ridley Will Rigby Poppy RobinsonAlexia Roumpou Charlie Denis James Bowie Sasha May Ryan Meghan Sabik Lucy Savage Jasmine Schofield Lucretia Sexcius Claire Pétré Daisy Shayler Divine Smith Philip Speakman Billy Stanley Helena Starowieyska Jessie Mac Stevenson AIDAN STRUDWICK Shinuk Suh Michael Taiwo Theodore Tennant Isabella Thackara Ellie Thurlwell Siân Lori Toolan Mizuki Niall Underwood Viktoriya Valcheva Saidie Vian Qeorqa Oliver Wallington Madi Walsh Joshua Waterson Dr Manhattan Felicity West Maddy Whitelaw Samuel WillHannah Willcocks Tarryn Williams Eliza Wimperis Amber Wood Joshua Yates Victoria Young Yunyi Yuan Frieda Zapf Luren Zhou Ying Zhou Ellie HawkesIva Green

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