Ai Weiwei Exhibition At London’s Lisson Gallery Spring 2011

The Lisson Gallery in London have announced that they will be representing Ai Weiwei the Chinese dissident artist responsible for the artistic embellishments displayed on the ‘Birds Nest’ stadium at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He was also this years Unilever commission winner where his ‘Sunflower Seeds’ project, filled the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. Weiwei is widely regarded on an international level. He is one of the most significant cultural figures of his generation in China, but has had a constant struggle with the government. In the last year he has been assaulted, arrested and has had his studio destroyed. His work and politics are intertwined transforming him into a larger than life figure with a worldwide reputation. Ai Weiwei successfully occupies multiple roles as a conceptual artist, architect, curator, designator, filmmaker, publisher and activist.
Nicholas Logsdail of the Lisson has stated, “We have had a growing appreciation of Ai Weiwei’s work and achievement over the last few years and are very pleased that this most significant artist has agreed to work with us. The idea-based and sculptural nature of his work adds significantly to the Gallery’s evolving history.”
Using a variety of formal languages with both traditional and innovative methods of production, Ai links the past with the present and explores the geopolitical, economic and cultural realities affecting the world with humour and compassion.
The Lisson Gallery will present an exhibition of works by Ai Weiwei in May 2011.

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photo: MATTHEW MILES © 2010