Banksy Invades HMV Oxford Circus September 2010

The Graffiti Artist Banksy (AKA, Robert Banks) has invaded the HMV Store in Oxford Circus in central London. The elusive sprayer left the shop with a little more then they expected, when asked to install a display of posters promoting the release of his DVD ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’. The artist unveiled, a full-scale work showing a child Graffiti Artist praying before a gothic stained glass window, which has been tagged. This is on show in the front window of the shop. Banksy has also installed an oil drum with the same child in a gas mask, spraying one of his signature yellow flowers on the drum.The works valued at around 100,000 GBP will remain on view for the next week after which I asked the security guard, does the store get to keep the unexpected promo? …”No way man, the Artist wants them back…guess he will need an armoured vehicle to remove them”.

Photo: © ArtLyst 9/9/2010