Banksy ‘ll Fix It Controversial Mural Removed By BBC Television Bosses

A Banksy style mural has been destroyed by the BBC to avoid drawing attention to the Jimmy Savile scandal.  It’s not clear who the actual artist was who created the controversial mural across from BBC television Centre, but security bosses quickly ordered workmen to remove the provocative graffiti, highlighting the case. It was located on a wall opposite the national television headquarters in Wood Lane in London’s White City.

The painting featured a guilt ridden child dressed in a BBC road jacket with a Jim’ll Fix It Badge on a string held over a drain. It appears the child is about to throw away the treasured badge. The painting which contained an actual Jim I’ll Fix It Badge attached to the work, was removed after being reported by members of the public.

Banksy’s studio has denied responsibility for the mural and it does not appear on the Banksy website, which is the first stop for authenticating a new work by the elusive artist. It is very much in his style and utilises the same stencil technique and intelligence of an actual Banksy original. It would not surprise us here at ArtLyst if the work turned out to be the real thing! Meanwhile,The BBC declined to comment on the artwork, its removal or whether or not, the mural was dismantled intact or destroyed.


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