Deja Vu: National Gallery Shows Support For The People Of Brussels

National Gallery

It has only been a matter of months since the appalling bombings last November in Paris and just fifteen months since the Charlie Hebdo massacre which saw 12 people killed at the French satirical magazine.

Last night London again showed its solidarity with another neighbour, this time the heart and soul of Europe, the city of Brussels. The gathering was somber and good natured with a healthy mixture of mainly young people from all walks of life, religion and ethnic background.

Again the National Gallery has acted as a backdrop and focal point for people to gather to pay their respects for yet another senseless atrocity. Situated in one of London’s grandest squares and under the statue of Wellington, the colours of the Belgian national flag were projected onto the facade of the columned building. 

Other London monuments to carry the Belgian national colours included Tower Bridge, the National Theatre, Wembley Stadium and the London Eye.


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