Faberge Easter Egg Hunt Breaks Guinness World Record

Marc Quinn and Zaha Hadid eggs sell for £40,000 each at London auction

A little bunny has told us that a new Guinness world record has been set for the most participants in an Easter egg hunt. This has not been confirmed by the organisers but all will be revealed after the holiday. The Faberge Big Egg Hunt which has been running since February has attained a new record by attracting participants in a £100,000 giveaway. The event also includes an auction of artist designed eggs currently on display in London’s Covent Garden. This special holiday exhibition is free and open to the public throughout the Easter break. It is all for a good cause, raising cash for two worthwhile charities, Elephant Family and Action for Children.

The Faberge Big Egg Hunt has seen 210 giant egg sculptures placed high and low across central London over a 6 week period. These stunning pieces of unique and extraordinary art have captured the imagination of London; each one finely designed, crafted and decorated by leading artists from around the world. The eggs have been hidden since February and now everyone has the chance to be the owner of one of these wonderful original creations! Over 200 of the stunning egg sculptures are for sale, so get ready to place your bid.  Organisers of the Faberge Big Egg Hunt are relieved to announce  the recovery of an Olympic themed egg, which had been stolen from its plinth last month. This along with eggs designed by highly sought after artists including The Chapman Brothers, Marc Quinn, Zaha Hadid, Mr Brainwash, Andrew Logan, Zandra Rhodes, and Rob Ryan are going under the hammer.

30 of the eggs were sold on March 20th . This segment of the action included Zaha Hadid’s sleek egg which made £45,000 The design evokes an exquisite degree of unfamiliarity from within the formal simplicity of this most recognizable of organic structures; a structured composition of fluidity that reinvents the equilibrium between solid and void. The dynamic curvilinear geometries invite further investigation to reveal a latent complexity; a journey of discovery into the very DNA of its creation. The Marc Quinn donation which realised £40,000.is described by the artist as the beginning of the world. Here the fingerprints of a man and woman are merged into the creation of that new world. The Chapman Brothers entry is currently available and is going for a snip, at £10,000.

One lucky participant will take away the Fabergé Diamond Jubilee Egg worth more than £100,000. You just need to visit each egg to find its unique keyword then text this keyword to 80001 to enter the prize draw*. This is not your farmyard-variety egg, this is sculpted by the world famous Jeweller to the Russian Royal Family Faberge. It is solid 18k gold and encrusted with diamonds and other precious gems. The artists oversized eggs are sculpted, painted and variously decorated orbs by some of the country’s finest talent. Covent Garden’s collection of 24 includes the work of designer Zandra Rhodes, who wrapped her egg in a giant metallic ribbon for   added fashion flair. Each egg represents a chance to win the grand prize, so the more you visit, the better. In fact, the event has already broken the Guinness World Record for the most people participating in an egg hunt. But before you put all your eggs in one basket (we couldn’t resist), it’s not just the Fabergé egg up for grabs. The artworks, too, can be snapped up, in an online auction running throughout the event. Bidding will close from 5pm Monday 9th April. All proceeds from the auction go to charities Elephant Family and Action for Children. You may bid online Here 


Zaha Hidid Egg Sold £45,000

Marc Quinn Egg Sold For £40,000




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