Jasper Johns Opens New York Space Dedicated To Artist-Curated Shows

Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns is opening a new project space in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, with the project being dedicated exclusively to artist-curated exhibitions. ‘The Other Room’ is a 496-square-foot space, and sits adjacent to the offices of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA). The converted space was previously used as an occasional meeting place for the organisation – the ‘non-profit’ that the painter and John Cage founded way back in 1963.

The project’s inaugural exhibition titled “6 Doors” will bring together six works that are not a literal response to the form of a door, but instead will evoke a portal, either open or closed to the viewer. The selected works on display in this inaugural show include a digital print Let ’em (2005) by Trisha Donnelly, a site-specfic work titled Dark Corner (2015) by Andrea Longacre-White, a trompe l’oeil work made from purpleheart wood named The New International Atlas (2010) by Alex Robbins, a torn black cloth called Shroud (2014) by Melanie Schiff, a new large-scale sculpture Joint Fence (for Jasper) (2015) by Marianne Vitale, and painting titled Midnight Union Ave. (2012) by Mary Weatherford.

And due to the entire point of the project – the exhibition is curated by artist Rachel Foullon – a founding member of the initiative Public-Holiday Projects, and former programme manager for the foundation. It has been decided that some items in the show will be for sale, while others are on loan. A large portion of the sale proceeds will go to the artist while the remaining will be used to help fund the Other Room project.

The future plans for the project spearheaded by Johns will include two to three exhibitions per year, organised by an invited artist who will be selected by the foundation’s board of trustees, which includes artists Robert Gober, Glenn Ligon, and Kara Walker.

Installation shot of “6 Doors” photo: courtesy of the Other Room


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