Live Art: Canvas Bar Shoreditch Reinvents The Gallery Wheel

A new gallery/bar in Old Street which serves up a combination of art and cocktails, opens its door to the public this Friday (15th august). Street Artist Bortusk Leer will be  doing a live art performance at tonights opening while Ash White (top photo) will be exhibiting a selection of his graphic artworks.

The menu, imagined by famous cocktail guru Jumbles St. Pierre, offers a variety of unique and made-to-measure cocktails, with a mix of exotic flavours and signature creations that will trigger your taste buds and take you on a journey of adventure and excitement.

Canvas Bar creates a brand new hospitality concept : sophisticated yet vintage, where upcycled details merges with industrial elements to offer one of the best venue in the heart of East London. It provides a perfect décor with dedicated area for art pieces to be exhibited. Indeed, every 2-3 months, Canvas Bar will give opportunity to local artists to be presented to the public in intelligently curated unique exhibitions.

Ash White is a graphic designer, contemporary collage artist, illustrator, web developer, musical hobbiest and label boss from Kent. The 27 year old says, ‘When I grow up I want to be an F1 driver’.

Bortusk Leer was forced to find his own way in the Socialist Republic of Slovenia. Leer is known for daubing the walls of his homeland with fantastical-childlike characters, psychedelic vermin and inhuman collage. Future projects include standing on the spare plinth in Trafalgar square on his hands whilst juggling 4 monkeys wearing fez hats with his feet and an animated TV show.

Along the creative hub that is Shoreditch, Canvas Bar offers a perfect place for a fun, vibrant and social atmosphere and gives the opportunity to appreciate excellent service in an artistic environment. At night, the bar turns into a quirky venue with live DJ sets and entertainment for a perfect night out.

Visit Canvas Bar Here

Watch Vine Video Of Canvas Bar Launch Here