London Visual Mash-Ups Show History Is Alive In The Capital


These amazing new photos are creating a glimpse into London’s past by combining 18th and 19th century paintings with modern-day settings in Google Street View. Reddit user shystone recently mashed up these paintings of London. The results cover several iconic landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, the Thames River, and Trafalgar Square. Shystone’s views of the capital shows how much (or little) London has changed in 200 years.

The pictures depict the bustling street life from historic paintings and photos juxtaposed next to one another. They show the changes in the cityscape between now and 100 years earlier – highlighting the astonishing pace of change which has taken place in the past century. See More Images Here

An app, called Streetmuseum, originally launched by the Museum of London in 2010, is also another way to see the city through a past and present viewpoint. It has now been updated to give users a better idea of how the capital’s streets have changed, allowing people to walk side by side with Londoners from other eras by using GPS to pinpoint locations you might visit.

The app was developed by creative agency Brothers and Sisters, this app allows people to look through the cameras on their phones at hundreds of sites, where an overlay showing historic photographs will appear across the present-day scene.

The public can select places from a map of London, or use geo-tagging and Google Maps to pinpoint their own current location. Once selected, a historic image of their London location appears onscreen. That image can then be expanded, with historical information about a range of subjects also available.

Photo: St. Martins in the Fields” (1888), William Logsdail