Queer British Art: Tate Announces Defining New LGBT Exhibition

Queer British Art

Tate Britain has announced a new show  for the Autumn titled ‘Queer British Art’ which is scheduled to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of (male) homosexuality in Britain.

This will be the first major exhibition in Britain to focus on queer British art.  It spans the period from the abolition of the death penalty for buggery in 1861 to decriminalisation in 1967 and explores how seismic shifts in gender and sexuality found expression in the arts. Together, these works helped to shape new forms of identity and community.

The exhibition includes major figures, such as Oscar Wilde, and features works by Simeon Solomon, John Singer Sargent, Gluck, Ethel Sands, Duncan Grant, Dora Carrington, Keith Vaughan, David Hockney and Francis Bacon, alongside ephemera and personal photographs.  From the playful to the political, the erotic to the domestic, this exhibition showcases the rich diversity of queer British art.

QUEER BRITISH ART 5 April – 1 October 2017 Tate Britain