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Seventh Edition Of SP Arte Foto Sao Paulo Highlights The Art of Photography

Seventh edition of SP-Arte/Foto shows

The Seventh edition of SP-Arte/Foto Sétima edição da SP-Arte/Foto launches in Sao Paulo this weekend. 250 works will be exhibited simultaneously in the five-day event. Works of renowned artists such as Miguel Rio Branco, Vik Muniz, Candida Höfer, Gaspar Gasparian, Cristiano Mascaro, Sebastião Salgado, Damien Hirst and Julian Opie, will be shown alongside works by names that project to the new art scene, as Sheila Oliveira Claudia Melli and Juliana Stein.

The fair reached its seventh edition and won the recognition of most important photography event in Brazil. Between 21 and 25 August, the fair will bring together 25 national galleries allowing the public to have contact with young artists and also established, both Brazilian and international.

The growth of the domestic art market, which in 2012 reached 22%, also relates to photography, which occupies a prominent place among private collections, galleries and museums around the world.  

The cultural program will feature discussions in the auditorium of a bookstore, with the participation of leading Brazilian photographers. Open to the public, these conversations will be organized by magazines and journals. These kind of events reveals the prominent scene in Brazil, especially in São Paulo.

Some promises of this fair edition are young galleries that are making good projects such as Lume Gallery that brings the British Martin Parr, New Zealander John Crawford e American Maxi Cohen. Baró Gallery that brings photos of Brazilian Flavia Junqueira, Argentine Roberto Jacob; Fauna Gallery that brings Sheila Oliveira and Pedro David.

SP-Arte/Foto/2013 From 22 to 25 de August – Photo Fair Shopping JK Iguatemi Av Pres Juscelino Kubitschek, 2041 – São Paulo/ Brazil

Words: Douglas Negrisolli

Photo: (cover) Massimo Vitali Junqueira/ Courtesy SP/Foto – Arte 57 (article) Flavia Junqueria/ Courtesy SP/Foto – Baró Gallery

Seventh Edition Of SP Arte Foto Sao Paulo Highlights The Art of Photography