Stolen Syd Barrett Painting Recovered

Syd Barrett

ArtLyst were among the first to report that a self-portrait by former Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett had been stolen from the Idea Generation Gallery in London’s Shoreditch, where it was on display over the weekend. The portrait belonged to Libby Gausden the frontman’s former girlfriend. It had never been exhibited in public before it went on display in Shoreditch. The picture was described as a small painting approx 31cm (12ins) x 23cm (9ins). It was of great sentimental value to the owner. A reward of £2000 was promptly offered for its safe return. It is not known if this has been claimed. The gallery described the exhibition as, “Syd Barrett – Art and Letters”, at The Idea Generation Gallery”. The show which closed on Sunday was the first and largest exhibition of its kind, offering a rare insight into the lesser known side to the original Pink Floyd frontman’s inspiration and creativity. Barret died in 2006.

UPDATE: According to a number of reliable websites, the painting has now been returned! The self portrait was mysteriously posted back to the gallery, undamaged and intact. I spoke to a number of people who attended the exhibition last Saturday and they had reported that security had been stepped up following the theft. Bags were searched but nothing was recovered until yesterday when a package was delivered by Royal Mail.