The Line Announces Sculptors Participating In 2014 Inaugural Exhibition

The Line

The Line has announced a world-class sculpture walk in London. Artists, galleries and collections have been invited to propose work for consideration by an independent selection panel. The Line, who earlier this year raised £140,000 in crowd funding, presents existing works of art, many of which are currently hidden from public view.

The launch of The Line includes the following sculptures: • Work No.700 by Martin Creed • DNA DL90 by Abigail Fallis • Sensation by Damien Hirst • Liberty Grip by Gary Hume • Vulcan by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi • Network by Tom Price • Consolidator #654321 by Sterling Ruby • Here by Thomson & Craighead • Untitled (The Thing) by Piotr Uklanski Participating galleries include Hauser & Wirth, Gagosian, White Cube, Carroll / Fletcher and Pangolin London. All works will be on loan to the project for two years and The Line’s ambition is to create a permanent outdoor exhibition space, with additional works introduced every year.

The walk broadly follows the line of the Greenwich Meridian. The Line extends from Stratford to North Greenwich. Visitors will be able to head north from North Greenwich or south from Stratford. There are three sections to the walk. Travelling over the Thames, visitors will be able take in the extraordinary views of London on the Emirates Air Line and works will be sited at the western end of the Royal Docks. Visitors will need to take a three-minute DLR journey from Royal Victoria Dock to Cody Dock to join the River Lea (believed to be named after Buffalo Bill Cody who set up his camp on the marshes during both of his trips to London).

The Greenwich Meridian is the line that separates east from west in the same way that the Equator separates north from south. It is an imaginary line that marks zero degrees longitude. The Greenwich Meridian is important as it marks the starting point of every time zone in the world.

An independent panel met last spring to select works. The panel included artist Mark Wallinger, art critic Richard Cork, collector and co-chair of The Legacy List Anita Zabludowicz, Whitechapel Gallery curator Omar Kholeif, CEO for the charity Gasworks Dock Partnership Simon Myers and one of The Line’s founders, Megan Piper.

Photo: Image courtesy of Sterling Ruby Studio