Trouble At The Zoo? Where is Zoo Art 2010

zoo art fair

Zoo Art Enterprises will not be presenting an event in October 2010’. This is the message that has been posted on the Zoo Art website. Sometimes a little information is dangerous and we inevitably come to our own journalistic conclusions. Is this the first casualty of the Art funding crunch or are the people at Zoo simply taking a year off? Last year was in every respect a different environment for the Arts and Zoo Art  2009 was by a long shot, the best showcase for emerging and ‘New’ Art mounted in London. I have since received this response from the Zoo Organizers, “Thanks for getting in touch about Zoo. I’ve been away so huge apologies for the delay in responding. The main reason for canceling the event this year was that it just seemed like a good time to take a year out and have a think given that the economy is still pretty weak.

Hope that helps but do get in touch if you have any other questions” – Soraya Rodriguez Zoo Enterprises

Zoo 2009 was an entirely different atmosphere from the more established Frieze Art Fair. The crowd was a lot younger. The stands were more in keeping with patron, Anita Zabludowicz 176 Gallery and that is to say, rustic and earthy. The 19th century stable/warehouse buildings were in keeping with the art on display and it especially suited the video works, as the buildings were dark and spacious. I also enjoyed the enthusiasm of the less jaded and commercial galleries who had plenty of time to discuss the work on display. Some big names were on hand including the Chapman Brothers and an impressive floor piece by Richard Woods. Held within a new multi-site location situated in the East End, the producers of Zoo Art Fair created an event to rival Frieze. The adapted structures brought together over fifty contemporary arts organisations and practitioners, through a series of curated exhibitions and stand presentations including a section curated by Rob Tufnell. The collectors, curators, critics, dealers, artists and art enthusiasts were not disappointed. Zoo 2009 remains a considered introduction to the next generation of art professionals. See ArtLyst virtual tour of Zoo below.

I hope this is just a postponement and the Fair will reinvent its self sometime in the near future. Please check the Zoo website for updates: