YBA Chapman Brothers Launch Online Shop For Christmas

Chapman Brothers

The Chapman Brothers have been bringing their unnervingly twisted vision to modern British art for over 20 years, first coming to prominence in the YBA era of the 1990s and provoking the establishment ever since, with a grotesque blend of black humour, calculated perversity and mordant cultural critique. Now the duo have launched a shop, in time for Christmas. 

The new shop proudly continues this tradition. The culmination of a three-year project to make the brothers’ work accessible and affordable outside the confines of the art world, it stocks an evergrowing selection of limited-edition prints, original works, signed books, skateboard decks, vinyl clothing and other characteristically offbeat paraphernalia. 

‘Toilet paper that reminds me of the inevitability of death’ may not be an item on many people’s Christmas lists, but it’s still one of the emerging bestsellers at Jake & Dinos Chapman’s newly launched store. 

‘Even Charles Saatchi started off buying small – which is rich coming from a man who said that the “YBAs” would merely be a footnote to history… Mind you, he doesn’t strike me as a man who reads books with footnotes… ’ – Jake Chapman 

With items starting at £8, the Chapman shop gives everyone, regardless of budget, the opportunity to get hold of the artists’ works, either for themselves or as a deliciously twisted gift. 

The shop features some items £20 and under… 

Bangwallop , £20 – the Chapman’s artwork/novel hybrid resulting from a computer corruption of JD Ballard’s Crash . 

Skull-print toilet paper, £10 – produced in association with the 2014 Jerwood Gallery exhibition In the realm of the Unmentionable . 

The Marriage of Reason and Squalor , £14.95 – Jake Chapman’s subversive bastardisation of the romance novel, chronicling the trials of beleaguered heroine Chlamydia (recently turned into a successful TV series for Sky Arts). 

£80 and under… 

* Our favourite… Fucking Hell lighter, £60 – a skull-etched Zippo, designed to commemorate the 2004 arson attack that destroyed the Chapman’s Hell (rejected as a Momart Christmas gift idea). 

The Lisper Lisps, the Stutterer Stutters, the Dyslexic Disleksiks t-shirt, £55 – Chapman artwork lovingly transplanted onto your body. • Smiley plate, £80 – a hand-painted glazed plate, to make dinner more endearing/mildly sinister. 

£500 and under… 

Come and See etching, £350 – a signed, unframed etching from the 2013 exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. 

Signed McCheesus skateboard deck, £150 – a limited-edition deck made in association with Supreme, and featuring a crucified cheeseburger man. 

The End of Fun , £175 – individually editioned, signed and blow-torched by the artists, containing photographs detailing the atrocities committed in their now-infamous work Fucking Hell 

£501 and over… 

Bedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights VIII, IX and X (2013), £1,000 each – individual etchings from the set of 15 produced for the Bedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights book. 

All the above and much, much more (new pieces are added regularly) are available to order at shop.jakeanddinoschapman.com. Free UK delivery within 14 days.