Zavier Ellis Features Kerim Ragimov As His Final Volta NY Choice Part 5

Zavier Ellis

Zavier Ellis choses Kerim Ragimov as his final offering for Volta New York 2016. It has been an exciting fair and we hope that this very personal selection of artists has been of interest.

In 1994 Kerim Ragimov started work on several projects that reflect his interest in photo-based art. Although he uses painting as the predominant technique in his work, Ragimov does not consider his canvases to be independent works in their own right.

He conceives his work in terms of conglomerations – series, cycles, projects. Thus, one of the main series – ‘Human Project’ – remains unfinished to this day and continues to have new works added to it. The artist defines this project as a work in progress. Ragimov works in the context of information society as opposed to consumer society, presenting the most varied (including the most exclusive) things in a single series of balanced media symbols.


Kerim Ragimov: Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg  Volta Booth C11


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