Ann Grim Reflects On The Future Of Humankind At h Club London


Cross-disciplinary artist Ann Grim is to have her first solo exhibition in London at the h Club (formerly The Hospital Club) running from 28 June until 4 July. A Journey To 3047 offers a reflection on the possible future outcomes of humankind, with a focus on the year 3047, while also serving as a retrospective of Ann’s previous work on the topic of social domination. Through different mediums, Ann explores critical issues such as reproduction, space migration and the evolution of human interaction.

As a cross-disciplinary artist with a futuristic vision, Ann’s work explores the space between dreams and reality

Ann’s reflection is led by the visualisation of tomorrow, raising a series of questions around one central interrogation: What could be the path to 3047?

As a cross-disciplinary artist with a futuristic vision, Ann’s work explores the space between dreams and reality. She explores the possibility of different futures and the scenarios of eternal life, the evolution of humankind, and space migration. She expresses the intricacy of social, urban and cultural issues such as reproduction, the survival of the fittest and the fabric of new human interactions. Her artworks range from painting to sculptures, installations and films, but also, more recently, performance and virtual reality experiences.

Of A Journey To 3047, Ann Grim says: “We are in mutation: technology, progress and markets repair the body and prolong life. Internet and social networks normalise and commercialise unthinkable human exchanges. Our growth-predicted civilisation is running out of steam, and the possibility of more a human civilisation is slowly emerging. I chose to create works that raise the question of possible human outcomes – faced with a society on the brink of collapse, there is a glimmer of hope.”

Ann Grim h club
Ann Grim, Leaving Earth 2019

Ali Hillman, Curator, h Club adds: “Ann is truly unique in her vision and scope of work. Few artists breach such diverse practice – ranging from painting to VR – with the fluency and effortless approach that Ann perfects. She takes us on an exploration of the future of humanity, addressing serious and, at times, grave concepts with her work always remaining open and playful. We are very grateful to be hosting this innovative work.”

Ann Grim (born in Paris, 9 September 1980) and raised between Buenos Aires, Paris, Cape Town, Montevideo and London. She is known for her conceptual anticipative artworks. She currently lives and works between London, Paris and Touraine. She has exhibited in group and solo shows in Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Miami, Mexico and Los Angeles. Highlights include the 57th and 58th Venice Biennales, curator Vanya Balogh. During Frieze London at the Q Park exhibition in association with Geoffrey Leong Foundation. SWAB Barcelona art fair, with the support of the Mannerheim Gallery, curator Albertine de Galbert. During Art Basel, curator Bernard Markowitz. In the vestibule of La Maison Rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert, curator Aude Quinchon. The mezzanine of the Palais de Tokyo, curator Isabelle de Marcellus Tournier. The Aquarium of Paris, Curator Anthony Phuong. Or at the Fiat Museum, Curator Jenny Mannerheim. In the meantime, She has led several collaborations with brands such as Each X Other and works commissioned by the house of Caviar Boutary or by Make Up For Ever LVMH.

Top photo: PC Robinson © Artlyst 2019

Ann Grim: A Journey to 3047 The h Club Gallery 28 June – 4 July 2019

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