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Art Below ‘Choose Your Hero’ is a group exhibition curated by Ben Moore at the communal Riverside studio at Re:Centre, Hammersmith. Twelve London based artists have been given the chance to step out of their traditional modes of working and enter a reflective space to reconnect to themselves, to others and to their creative practice. Re:Centre is not simply a place, it is a vision born of a wish to bring balance back into our lives and our world. By reconnecting to ourselves inspired action naturally arises, making “Choose Your Hero’ a fitting theme to the transformative spirit being nurtured here.

    ‘Whether you call someone a hero or a monster is all relative to where the focus of your consciousness may be.’ – Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth.

Myths & Legends are a vital and ongoing part of our society… all the greatest stories spanning centuries and crossing cultures follow the narrative of The Hero’s Journey. It is the ultimate narrative archetype, with the external challenges and temptations as we are called to adventure and cross the threshold from the known to the unknown world, mirroring internal revelations and transformations. With Death and destruction, also comes Rebirth and new life…. it is the the great circle that we are all a part of.

If loosing everything doesn’t destroy hope completely, then what you find on the other side is a new sense of freedom. This is the make or break moment for our Hero where he either rises and continues on his journey, or fails and turns back… What happens when we apply this thinking to Society and the World as a whole?

Selected works by each of the twelve artists are on display across billboard space at Regent’s Park from 24 September for four weeks supported by Art Below. 25% of all art sales go towards developing Special Yoga at Re:Centre which aims to support and facilitate the practice of yoga for children and adults with special needs.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Timothy Gatenby, Sabrina Rowan Hamilton, Jo Holland, Harriet Hoult, Emma Johansen, Ru Knox, Stephanie Mill, Fleur van der Minne, Rita de Sa, Simon Stephenson, James Vaulkhard CURATOR: Ben Moore

Is a contemporary British figurative artist whose work focuses on the subjects of nostalgia, dreams and memory. Working predominantly in oil paint there is a certain reverence to classical painting acknowledged in Gatenby’s work but evidently subverted.

Studied at City and Guilds of London Art school achieving a first class degree in painting 1989-1992 and an MA ten years later in 2001.

Creates unique photographic images without a camera or film. Exhibiting a diptych titled Afterbirth | Afterlife offering a reflective piece on the human journey between Birth and Death.

Is an abstract artist based in London, with an instinctive approach to her work. She works mainly with acrylic on paper and also uses collage, oil pastels and watercolour.

Painting abstract on canvas using mixed media such as acrylic paints, oil pastels and markers.

His work has developed from pure traditional representation to a more contemporary approach, but retains references to his training. His work now is about his responses to the mood and atmosphere generated by life’s constant state of flux, which can be perceived by a thousand angles at once from different spaces in time; thereby warping or fragmenting reality.

Using color theory combined with an abstract approach she encourages you to feel your way with each piece, engaging intuitively with how color speaks uniquely to your experience, as well as our shared visual language.

Fleur works with photography, film, chalk, words and other mixed media to deepen and express personal quests.

My process demands a raw process of gesture and repetition, suggesting essential drawing techniques, normally used in landscapes or portrait.

Simon is a London based artist, he’s also a creative director at an advertising agency in his spare time. His love of furry animals and Urban art has led to a unique approach to portraits of his London street friends.

His present work revisits and refracts his roots in portraiture, taking his subjects from popular culture, and crafting images that are at once naturalistic, representing a commitment to the rendering of optical reality but also incorporating a multi-media approach with elements of collage work at the forefront.

The exhibition is open daily from 9am – 5pm from 4th–17th October and explores the theory of The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. 

Other Art Below News

Lisa Cirenza – Centre Painting – Art Below Regents Park Tube Station Art Below

New work by London based artist Lisa Cirenza who has  just returned from an artist residency in Cuba  with a new body of work will be unveiled at The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London 4- 7 October.

Art Below From 24th September Art Below are featuring her work at Regent’s Park tube station for 4 weeks.

New work and Cuban experience Lisa says:  In a world where viewpoints are increasingly black or white, (red or blue?) without nuance, and often not allowing for any colour mixing both literally and figuratively, I went to Cuba on an artist residency this past July. Raised in America, infused with a Cold War American narrative highlighted by the Bay of Pigs, and other polarizing events, I went looking for what was beneath the surface of these political narratives. I tried to learn Spanish, but only mastered the phrase “El mundo esta loco” (the world is crazy). It served me well, but not as well as learning to embrace the Cuban optimism and love of music, dance and the arts as a means of counterbalancing life’s challenges.


Private View: Thursday 4th October, 6.30 – 8.30pm  Address: Re:Centre, Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London  W6 9HA Photocall: Thursday 4th October, 4.30 – 5.30pm Exhibition runs until 17th October 2018,  11am – 5pm daily

Top Photo Detail: TIMOTHY GATENBY Courtesy Art Below

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