Artist Couple Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko Unveil Exhibition At Kunstwerk – Sammlung Klein

Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko

A dual exhibition in Germany brings together works by Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko, perhaps the greatest artist couple since Motherwell and Frankenthaler. This exhibition represents a high point in the anniversary year for KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Klein as it celebrates its tenth anniversary. It accentuates a significant collection highlight of recent years and at the same time underlines the personal connection of the collector and artist couples.

Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko have shared their private and artistic life for over fifteen years

From 25th June to 22nd December 2017, the KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Klein presents works of international standing. Since his international breakthrough in the 1980s, Irish-American artist Sean Scully, who was born in Dublin in 1945, has been one of the most significant contemporary painters worldwide. His works can be found in the large museums of the USA, Europe, and Asia. Liliane Tomasko is represented no less internationally. She was born in Zürich in 1967 and completed her art studies in London; individual exhibitions by her have been seen including in Barcelona, Vienna and New York.

Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko have shared their private and artistic life for over fifteen years. One reason why works by the artist couple can now be seen in a joint presentation in Nussdorf is due to the collecting activity of Alison and Peter W. Klein. In recent years, they have built up a “Scully block” in their collection, which is unique in Europe. It includes representative works from all his creative phases from the 1970s to the present day. However, it is not only the number of works that has grown; collector couple Alison and Peter W. Klein are now also friends of artist couple Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko.

The mutual personal appreciation is reflected in the exhibition beide | both, which mainly presents large-scale paintings of both artists but also photographs, drawings, pastels, and etchings. The exhibits display the individual work developments of Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko. Furthermore, the exhibition attempts for the first time to give rise to artistic dialogues between the works in the interlocking presentation of both items.

Hanging #17 beide | both is one of two high points as part of the tenth anniversary of KUNSTWERK. At the same time, from 15th July to 5th November 2017, Stuttgart art museum (Kunstmuseum) is displaying selected items from the collection under the title Modes of behavior towards people when affection plays a part. Sammlung Klein. Both exhibitions include a shift from the work block of Sean Scully. Whilst the works from the Klein collection can be seen in Stuttgart, the artist is providing loans for Nussdorf, which is an exact reflection of the portfolio.

Right Top: Liliane Tomasko, Falling Asleep at the Gate, 2016, oil and acrylic on canvas, 193 x 178 cm, ©Liliane Tomasko, Photo: Eric Tschernow

Left Top: Sean Scully, Oisin Sea Green, 2016, oil on aluminium, 215.9 x 190.5 cm, ©Sean Scully, Photo: Christoph Knoch

beide | both – Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko – 25th June to 22nd December 2017 KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Klein – Siemensstraße 40, 71735 Eberdingen-Nussdorf, Germany

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