Scarlett Lingwood New Work Exhibited At Field Projects

Scarlett Lingwood New Work Exhibited At Field Projects

“Sometimes, when I imagine these drawings and paintings, I think about a person or a group of people moving and dancing. Much of the Series of work––Together While Apart–– was created in isolation during COVID-19 where I was imagining individuals or large groups of people being together.” – SL

Field Projects is to present Together While Apart: an exploration of vibrant colour and pattern by Scarlett Lingwood. Creating community through repetition, Scarlett’s works compose vivacious imaginary social exchanges, created through the manipulation of colour within a set framework of repeated motifs. Uncertainty had shaped much of the emotional landscape in 2020, and Scarlett deftly interpreted that mood with this body of work. In the Series together while apart, for example, the shapes and patterns take on a whimsical, playful character, like a figure mapping out future journeys, uncertain of the path ahead.

Scarlett Lingwood
Scarlett Lingwood

This body of work was created in the spring of 2020. Together While Apart draws on Scarlett’s plans and drawings from before the pandemic, but the unfamiliarity of the world during the “Ravaging around the world at a faster speed than one individual could contain themselves.” an accumulation of characters that Lingwood draws upon.

COVID-19 epidemic drastically altered those designs. The chaos and unpredictability of the pandemic, which was in Scarlett’s words, “ravaging around at a faster speed than one individual could contain themselves,” has to lead to a collective experience, an accumulation of encounters that Lingwood draws upon in this Series exploring repetition, mark-making and pattern through the process of drawing and painting. The materials Scarlett draws on range from paper and shaped canvas.

Scarlett was born and raised in London. Scarlett is now based in NYC and completed an undergraduate degree at Goldsmiths, the University of London with a degree in Fine Arts and a masters from The School Of Visuals Arts in Fine Arts.

Together While Apart – New work by Scarlett Lingwood Field Projects – 526 W 26 Street, #807, New York  October 28 to Saturday, November 7 2020

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