Marcus Harvey’s Turps Correspondence Course At Art Bermondsey Project Space

Marcus Harvey'

Art Bermondsey Project-Space is home to ‘Not One: But The Other’ until July 29th. The ten artists involved are part of Marcus Harvey’s Turps Correspondence Course. An online interactive course with designated tutors which propels artists, giving them momentum and practical guidance. The artists have set up the show independently from their tutors as an investigation into the process of what it means to be painting and exhibiting their work.

“A couple of things I know to be true, where painting is concerned:

With a few rare exceptions, nothing truly comes from a vacuum, and dialogue, even just a conversation, with a kindred spirit is essential for artists.” Marcus Harvey.

There are some wonderfully eclectic paintings on show. Peter Illesley’s ‘Hothouse’, a steamy colourful insight into the humid-tropical world of lush plant life and Johanna Robinson’s ‘Oral Transmutation’ a strong narrative on feminist and existential issues. This is an interesting insight into the diverse use of paint and what it means to be a serious practising artist. It’s well worth a visit!

Artists Exhibiting included: Sophie Bedingham Smith, Nancy Cogswell, Michelle Conway, Peter Illesley, Lisa Lacroix, Gabrielle Lockwood Estrin, Amanda Mears, Johanna Melvin, David W Pike, Johanna Robinson.

Words/Photo Lisa Azarmi © artlyst 2016 Image: Johanna Robinson – Oral Transmutation 2016


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