Cromwell Place Exhibitions April To June 2023

Cromwell Place

On Point
15 Mar – 06 May
Lehmann Maupin
Working between Los Angeles and Akwidaa, Ghana, Gray’s photo-based work aims to destabilise assumptions about the veracity of photography and provoke reconsiderations of long-accepted norms and beliefs about the medium.

Lehmann Maupin First Floor

Art in Conflict
15 Mar – 16 Apr
Art in Conflict
Including, Piers Secunda’s Alderney: The Holocaust on British Soil, and the group shows, Spirit of Ukraine; Phoenix Rising; Ares; our curated moment, Art in Conflict, supports and showcases projects which explore the impact of war on a personal, geopolitical and societal level.

Galleries: Arc, Pavilion, 1, 3, 7, 10, 11

Sohan Qadrī: The Seer
21 Mar – 21 May
Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Artist, poet and Tantric guru Sohan Qadrī (1932–2011) is one of the only internationally acclaimed artists deeply engaged with spirituality. Qadrī abandoned representation early on in his long career, incorporating Tantric symbolism and philosophy into his vibrantly coloured minimalist works.

Gallery 8

(Probably) All in the Mind
05 Apr – 09 Apr

Can wandering in daydreams lead to something more?

Gallery 12, Wing Gallery

Panel Discussion: Restitution of Art and Antiquities Stolen During Conflict
05 Apr – 6 p.m.
Art in Conflict
The areas of discussion will include the Parthenon Sculptures, Benin Bronzes, and destruction by ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the protection of Ukrainian Heritage.

Lavery Studio

I saw the other side of the sun with you: Female Surrealists from Eastern Europe
12 Apr – 30 Apr
European ArtEast Foundation
Curated by Anke Kempkes, the exhibition presents some of the most outstanding female Surrealists from Poland, former Czechoslovakia, and former Yugoslavia, most of whom are still largely unknown in the West.

Gallery 5

Julien Gachadoat: Pathways
19 Apr – 23 Apr

Instantly recognisable by his monochrome, line-based style, Julien Gachadoat has explored the interface between code and human creativity for many years; working with algorithms, playing with repetition and abstract forms, with a focus on plotters to produce physical artworks.

Wing Gallery, Arc Gallery

Styled by Design: Modern Artist Textiles
19 Apr – 30 Apr
Gray M.C.A.
A presentation of Modernist Textiles, the exhibition will bring together rare and limited edition works designed by the great 20th Century masters.

Gallery 12, Wing Gallery, The Study

Osman Yousefzada
19 Apr – 23 Apr
Silvia’s Mother
Silvia’s Mother return to our gallery spaces with a new solo exhibition.

Gallery 11

Pages from Hamid Manzil
19 Apr – 23 Apr
Silvia’s Mother
The exhibition, and Arshi Irshad Ahmadzai’s first in the UK, will showcase a series of works created in 2020 using acrylic paint and ink on fabric. The show is a precursor to a the artist’s major solo exhibition of a new series of works due to take place later in the year.

Gallery 10

When Feeling Out of Sight: Kerry Harding & Katharine Le Hardy. Sculpture by Oriel Zinaburg
19 Apr – 23 Apr
Candida Stevens Gallery
Following an intuitive process of mark-making the artists’ layer their canvases to build compositions that create scenes informed by personal experiences but shaped by their imaginations. The exhibition showcases the emotional potential of landscape painting.

Gallery 3

An Illustrated Panel Discussion: Styled by Design
20 Apr – 6:30 p.m.
Gray M.C.A.
In a fundraiser for The Friends of Coventry Cathedral, the seminar will gather field experts, including leading textile and modern art curators and historians, on Graham Sutherland’s Coventry Cathedral Tapestry ‘Christ in Glory in the Tetramorph’.

Wing Gallery

In Conversation: Textile and Literature
27 Apr – 6:30 p.m.
Gray M.C.A
Nicola Beauman, Founder of Persephone Books, will be In Conversation with Jo Andrews, journalist, hand-weaver and host of the Haptic & Hue podcast, in an inspiring forum discussing the love of literature and textile design and the extraordinary history of over 20 years of Persephone Books.

Wing Gallery

The Textiles and Baskets of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples
03 May – 14 May
London Craft Week
The exhibition features the weavers’ techniques as well as the cleverly-knitted patterns deriving from the abundant indigenous craftsmanship of Taiwanese culture.

Gallery 7

Moon Jar: The Untold Story
03 May – 14 May
London Craft Week
The Moon Jar is a sculptural form that became an icon in contemporary ceramic history and is celebrated in both the UK and Korea. Echoing the shape of a floating full moon, the traditional white Moon Jar, made from two porcelain hemispheres, dates back to the Joseon Dynasty (14th-19th centuries).

Arc Gallery

Hiroshi Senju: There Is Still a Light
03 May – 21 May
Sundaram Tagore Gallery
The New York-based artist Hiroshi Senju, renowned for his monumental waterfall images installed in public spaces and museums around the world, arrives at Cromwell Place a new series of paintings.

Pavilion Gallery

Exhibition Tour: Walk-through with the exhibition curator, Lloyd Choi
07 May – 2 p.m.
Lloyd Choi Gallery
A tour discussing themes and artist practices used by Korean ceramists, and presented by curator Lloyd Choi.

Arc Gallery

Artist Talk: Meet the Korean Moon Jar Artist, Ree Soo-jong
09 May – 6:30 p.m.
London Craft Week
In collaboration with the Korea Craft and Design Foundation, Lloyd Choi Gallery is delighted to be in conversation with Korean artist Ree Soo-jong, in an inspiring Artist Talk.

Arc Gallery

Mind, Hand and Time: Dahye Jeong
10 May – 14 May
London Craft Week
The exhibition presents Korea’s unique culture through the works of Dahye Jeong, winner of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize 2022, and showcased for the first time outside if South Korea.

Gallery 5

10 May – 14 May
Maud & Mabel
Maud & Mabel is pleased to present Weightless, an exhibition showcasing the works of eight established and emerging international artists from Japan, Sweden, Italy, the US and UK.

Gallery 12

Imprint of Iran
10 May – 14 May
London Craft Week
The exhibition showcases the works of three young Iranian artists, whose contemporary interpretations are directly rooted to Iranian ancient crafts of Embroideries, Mirror Mosaics, Woodworks and Ceramics. All the works in this exhibition capture the spirit of the climate we live in.

Wing Gallery

For Nothing Is Simply One Thing
10 May – 14 May
Canopy Collections
Canopy Collections are delighted to present their fifth exhibition at Cromwell Place, For Nothing Is Simply One Thing. This new group show will bring together the work of international artists who celebrate, bend, and embrace traditional craft techniques.

Gallery 1

Charmaine Watkiss, Delita Martin, Tessa Mars: Your Presence Does Not Escape Me
10 May – 04 Jun
Tiwani Contemporary
A group exhibition featuring female artists Charmaine Watkiss (UK), Delita Martin (US) and Tessa Mars (Haiti).

Gallery 6

Space to Breathe: Process, Meaning and Metaphor in Contemporary Nature Photography
17 May – 21 May
Camu Art Ltd
An exhibition centred on the creative and physical processes of four renowned artist-photographers, creating unique forms of expression within the remit of landscape and nature art and photography.

Wing Gallery

of her own nature
24 May – 04 Jun
A3 – Arndt Art Agency
A solo presentation of major works by one of Australia’s foremost female artists, Del Kathryn Barton. This exhibition will include some of the artist’s largest paintings to date.

Pavilion Gallery

Peter Matthews: Crosscurrents
31 May – 04 Jun
Informality is delighted to announce its upcoming solo exhibition titled ‘Crosscurrents’,  showcasing new paintings, video and drawings with British artist Peter Matthews.

Gallery 1

31 May – 04 Jun
The Finch Project
The show explores the work of five contemporary Australian artists whose shared origins conjure an effortless dialogue between their artistic expressions. Landscape and cultural influences become common ground, binding a myriad of mediums and methodologies which converge in an engaging curation.

Gallery 5

Cromwell Place x Philharmonia Orchestra: Three Trios
01 Jun – 6:30 p.m.
Cromwell Place
The Philharmonia Orchestra and Cromwell Place present a series of concerts reflecting on the themes of current exhibitions.

Pavilion Gallery

The Secret and the Sacred
07 Jun – 11 Jun
Galerie Isa
Bringing together the work of four talented artists, including Arthur Lemaitre, Eeman Masood, David Brian Smith and Waswo X Waswo, the exhibition will explore the realms that lie between reality and the imagined, in which all the artists operate.

Gallery 1

Beyond: Emerging Artists 2022
07 Jun – 11 Jun
Abu Dhabi Art
Beyond: Emerging Artists is an annual programme organised by Abu Dhabi Art. The programme enables three commissioned artists to create or develop new work through funding and curatorial support. The commissioned works are exhibited first in Abu Dhabi and then internationally in diverse locations.

Gallery 10, Gallery 11

An Exhibition to Celebrate Bosch UK’s 125th Anniversary
14 Jun – 18 Jun
Bosch UK
Celebrating Bosch UK’s 125 Anniversary, their rich heritage of innovation and social commitment in the UK and Ireland. Interwoven stories of inventing for generations, set over three centuries: branching from automotive to home heating.

Pavilion Gallery

In Residence III
21 Jun – 02 Jul
Ting-Ying Gallery and Oliver Sears Gallery
Curated by Brian Kennedy, the exhibition features gallery artists and some key international artists. It is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with essays by Sean Rainbird, Director of the National Gallery of Ireland and Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of The Design Edit and fine art writer.

Pavilion Gallery

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