Johan Wahlstrom: Connectivity

Johan Wahlstrom,Masterpiece Art London

Masterpiece Art galleries, Dubai and London, presents Connectivity, a satellite exhibition of new paintings, across three gallery spaces, by internationally renowned contemporary artist Johan Wahlstrom. Over fifty paintings, small- and large-scale canvasses, constitute a comprehensive survey of the artist’s oeuvre.

“My work focuses on the human condition and political landscape, especially in the context of this difficult and interesting moment in history through which we are all living”

Wahlstrom’s newest body of work, a group of ‘colour paintings’ created for the exhibition, are evolutionary pieces that hybridize elements of Social Life with pigmental layers in monochromatic blue, red or pearl. Some further expressive tangents have been seen before in Wahlstrom’s work, while others simply explore pigmental colour and abstraction as self-aware, ironic critiques of the creative and artistic process – the life of an artist.

Duration 03 March 2022 - 15 May 2022
Cost Free
Venue Masterpiece Art
Address 3 Norland Place, Holland Park, London W11 4QG, ,
Contact +4402039467881 / /