Six Lives: The Stories of Henry VIII’s Queens

Six Lives ,National Portrait Gallery

Tudor paintings by Hans Holbein the Younger and contemporary photography by Hiroshi Sugimoto meet in the National Portrait Gallery’s first exhibition of historic portraiture since reopening. The exhibition presents a study of the lives and afterlives of the six women who married Henry VIII.

Six Lives chronicles the representation of Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr throughout history and popular culture in the centuries since they lived. As a frequent source of fascination, the stories of the six women have repeatedly inspired writers and artists of all kinds to attempt to uncover the ‘truth’ of their lives: their characters, their appearance and their relationships. From historic paintings, drawings and ephemera to contemporary photography, costume and film, the exhibition draws upon a wealth of factual and fictional materials to present the life, legacy and portrayal of six women who forever changed the landscape of English history.

Duration 20 June 2024 - 08 September 2024
Times Open daily: 10.30 – 18.00 Friday & Saturday: 10.30 – 21.00
Cost £21 / £23.50 with donation
Venue National Portrait Gallery
Address St Martin's Place, London, WC2H 0HE
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