Yobitsugi: Beyond Repair

YOBITSUGI,White Conduit Projects

Andrew Palmer | Anna Frijstein | Bouke de Vries | Caroline McCarthy
Hiraki Sawa | Jeremy Hutchison | Livia Marin | Poppy Whatmore
Rosa Nguyen | Yukako Tanaka
curated by Paul Carey-Kent and Yuki Miyake

Kintsugi (‘golden joinery’), is the Japanese art of repairing broken – typically by using lacquer mixed very visibly with powdered gold, silver, or platinum – so that the breakage and repair is valued as part of the history of the object, rather than something to be disguised. The purpose is ‘to give a new ‘landscape’ and ‘life’ to a so-called ‘broken’ vessel by creatively incorporating many strands of its identity: the owner’s memories, the maker’s inspiration, the vessel’s personality, and the happenstances of history. One of the techniques used is yobitsugi (‘invite connection’), which repairs a broken vessel by combining it with a broken piece from elsewhere, bringing new life and character to objects and making the philosophy of kintsugi particularly clear. In just that spirit, the artists in this show go ‘beyond repair’ to embrace and incorporate damage or error as the creative inspiration for their art.

Duration 12 October 2022 - 20 November 2022
Times Wed 11am-6pm Thu 11am-6pm Fri 12pm – 6pm Sat 12pm – 6pm Sun 11am – 4pm
Cost Free
Venue White Conduit Projects
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