Edward Lucie-Smith Curates New British Art Exhibition In Los Angeles

Polemically Small is a monumental show for BritWeek 2011, organised in association with The Future Can Wait and Edward Lucie-Smith. The group show of over 100 works on paper from London and elsewhere in the UK based based on the idea that small, today, is often much better than big, this exhibition will be a groundbreaking show of almost 100 British or British based artists. All working on paper and none bigger than A3 in size, it invites viewers to engage with art intimately, and at the same time offers the American public a sweeping overview of the exciting new artistic developments now taking place in Britain. It will almost certainly be the largest display, in terms both of the number of artists, and also in terms of stylistic variety, of new British and British-based art ever seen in California. This exhibition reflects the do it yourself attitude of the curators, standing against bureaucracy and top down institutionalism, and demonstrates how young artists and committed curators can mount major events in straightened times.

Artists Exhibiting

Henny Acloque, Alexander Adams, Dale Adcock, Dominic Allan, Jonathan Baldock, Angela    Bartram, Paul Becker, Kiera Bennett, Emma Bennett, Shane    Bradford, Juliana Cerqueira, Leite Gordon, Cheung, Billy Childish, Oliver Clegg, Sam Dargan, Tom Doran, Heather Eastes, Zavier Ellis, Nadine    Feinson, Hester Finch, Grant Foste,r Nick Fox, Rose Gibbs, Stuart Gough, Steve Green, Andrea Gregson, David Hancock, Christopher Hanlon, Sarah Hardacre, Andy Harper, Justin Hibbs, Sigrid Holmwood, Paul Hosking,  James    Howard, Luke Jackson, Sam Jackson, Monica Ursina Jäger, James Jessop, Jasper    Joffe, Chris Jones, Reece Jones, Claire de Jong, Rebecca Kressley, Ansel Krut, Peter Lamb Cathy Lomax Robert    Luzar Joe Machine Alastair     Mackie Jasmine Maddock Robin Mason Rui Matsunaga, Alan McQuillan, Hugh Mendes, Alexis Milne, Jock Mooney, Kieran Moore, Alex Gene Morrison, Jost Muenster, Nika Neelova, Gavin Nolan, Margaret O’Brien, Tim Parr, Claire Pestaille, Harry Pye, Ged Quinn, Danny Rolph, Kim Rugg, Miho Sato, Stuart Semple, Benjamin Senior, Dominic Shepherd, Jamie Shovlin, John Stark, Nessie    Stonebridge, Kate Street, Charles     Thomson, Erik Tidemann, Gavin Tremlett, James    Unsworth, Covadonga Valdes, Alex Virji, Stephen Walter, Christian Ward (Hidaka), Miranda Whall, Hannah Wooll, Vicky Wright

The exhibition is curated by Zavier Ellis, Edward Lucie-Smith, Max Presneill & Simon Rumley

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Brit Week 2011

BritWeek 2011 runs in Los Angeles, Orange Counties and San Francisco. It will highlight the many British links with California, including art and design, literature, music, film and television, technology, business, sport, food and fashion. The program ranges from star-studded red carpet events, to concerts and exhibits, to conferences and symposiums.

During BritWeek 2011, an original Magna Carta, the 13th century document that has had such profound influence on political evolution in both Britain and the United States, will be exhibited first in Los Angeles and then in San Francisco. Another special feature this year is a children’s classic book program and essay competition, designed to promote literacy by introducing thousands of underprivileged children in Los Angeles to the joy of reading British classics, from Alice to Peter Pan to Narnia to Harry Potter.

As ever, BritWeek will salute new talent and innovation. Urban art and new music will be featured; cutting edge businesses will compete. Visit – 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance , California, 90503.   USA


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