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After Impressionism,National Gallery

Religion and Spirituality in Post Impressionism National Gallery – Revd Jonathan Evens

After Impressionism: Inventing Modern Art explores the period in modern art from the last Impressionist exhibition in Paris in 1886 to the eve of the First World War in 1914. In the words of co-curator MaryAnne Stevens, it’s a period that can “claim to have broken links with tradition and laid the foundations for the art of the 20th and 21st centuries.” The exhibition seeks to explore the complexities of this period and its wider cultural manifestations.

26 March 2023

Alice Neel, Barbican Art Gallery

Alice Neel Collector Of Souls Barbican Art Gallery – Sara Faith

Alice Neel: Hot Off The Griddle opens at the Barbican Art Gallery this week. The exhibition is the study of American figurative painter Alice Neel (1900-1984), who Barbican Artistic Director Will Gompertz describes as ‘a radical, creative artist undervalued for much of her six-decade career’.

16 February 2023

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Tricia Gillman,Benjamin Rhodes Art

Tricia Gillman Moment Fields At Benjamin Rhodes Arts

Tricia Gillman and Benjamin Rhodes have a historic exhibiting partnership with Gillman, having exhibited with Benjamin Rhodes through the late 1980s and early 1990s. Tricia Gillman Moment Fields: 2019-2023 will open at Benjamin Rhodes Arts on 9 February, the gallerist’s latest solo venture. The show follows Gillman’s participation in regular solo and group shows across the UK.

31 January 2023

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Radium Dreams,Sue Hubbard,Eileen Cooper,Marie Curie

Radium Dreams Poetry by Sue Hubbard Artwork by Eileen Cooper

Opening on International Women’s Day, Radium Dreams showcases a series of poems and artworks inspired by the remarkable life story of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie. A punchy collaboration between award-winning poet Sue Hubbard and acclaimed artist Eileen Cooper RA

27 March 2023

Frank Bowling, Mirror, Significant Works, Sue Hubbard

Frank Bowling Mirror 1964-66-Significant Works – Sue Hubbard

It’s been hard to choose a single painting by Frank Bowling for this series, to select one that is more significant in his long and illustrious career than any of the others. Each time his style has changed seems to have been a significant moment. His recent Tate one-man show illustrated the breadth and reach of his stylistic concerns.

23 March 2023


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