Hermaphroditus: Divine Androgyny Awakens At The Groucho Club


The Captured Hermaphroditus is a project created by the sculptor Frances Segelman and the emerging artist XXXora, which will take place at the Groucho Club on 7 October. The pair will also host this year’s most mythological and cultural live sculpting event.

For thousands of years the Sleeping Hermaphroditus has lain dormant, invisible in law and overlooked in culture. On Tuesday 7th October at 7pm the Groucho Clubwill host divine androgyny’s awakening, when Frances Segelman will capture and re-sculpt the Sleeping Hermaphroditus, with XXXora as the conduit.

Astonishingly and antithetically, Western culture once revered androgynous human form deities, depicted particularly in classical sculpture, as figures of divinity. The Captured Hermaphroditus draws a line between the desecration and eradication of human Hermaphrodite figures over the centuries in Western culture and the current legal invisibility, mutilation and dehumanisation of the Unisex Gender many millennia later. XXXora will exhibit a performance art piece called ‘Swallowed Phanes, Castrated Agdistis, Captured Hermaphroditus’, projecting the disqualified and dethroned medal winning Intersex athletes Caster Semenya and Santhi Soundarajan around her.
Frances Segelman and XXXora will also be exhibiting alongside Tracey Emin, Mark Quinn, Gavin Turk, Idris Kahn and Xavier Mascaro in the BE INSPIRED charity auction at the Saatchi Gallery on 1st October. Frances, who sits on the BE INSPIRED Committee, will be donating a bronze nude and XXXora will be donating a painting to raise vital funds for the Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts, who run inspirational arts engagement programmes for disadvantaged children.

The Captured Hermaphroditus: 7 October The Groucho Club London


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