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All That Glitters Orlando Whittfield

In Orlando Whitfield’s gripping memoir, “All That Glitters,” the murky underbelly of the art world is laid bare with startling clarity. From attempts to remove a Banksy artwork from a wall to settling deals based on only iPhone photos, Whitfield exposes the deceit and corruption festering beneath the glossy surface of the art market.

Whitfield’s account centres around his former friend, Inigo Philbrick, whose audacious pyramid scheme defrauded investors, associates, and friends out of millions. The FBI identified 24 victims, including prominent figures like Jay Jopling, the owner of White Cube and the Reuben brothers, demonstrating the scale of Philbrick’s deception.

What sets “All That Glitters” apart is Whitfield’s fearless disregard for the art world’s code of silence. With sharp wit and unflinching honesty, he names, cites prices, and reveals scams, painting a vivid picture of an industry intoxicated by wealth and power.

The praise for Whitfield’s memoir is resounding, from glowing endorsements by Patrick Radden Keefe and Megan Nolan to accolades from William Boyd and Waterstones. Diarmuid Hester hails it as a “rip-roaring artworld exposé,” while Charlie Gilmour lauds its shocking revelations and brilliant prose.

As Whitfield chronicles Philbrick’s rise and fall, he delves into the toxic blend of greed, ambition, and betrayal that fuels the art world’s darkest corners. “All That Glitters” is more than just a memoir—it’s a cautionary tale, a gripping thriller, and a searing indictment of an industry built on illusion and excess.

With its release on May 2nd, “All That Glitters” promises to be one of the standout books of 2024—a must-read for anyone fascinated by the intersection of art, money, and morality. Whitfield’s memoir is a timely reminder that truth is the rarest treasure in a world where deception is a fine art.

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Publication date: 02/05/2024 £20.00 ISBN: 9781788169950

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