Glenn Kaino: This Book Is a Promise / This Book Is a Memory

This Book Is a Promise / This Book Is a Memory - Glenn Kaino

Glenn Kaino “This Book Is a Promise / This Book Is a Memory,” by Denise Markonish, with a foreword by Joseph Thompson and contributions from the artist himself, presents a compelling exploration of Kaino’s interdisciplinary creations. Published to coincide with Kaino’s largest exhibition, “In the Light of a Shadow,” this book offers readers a look into the participatory and multimedia world of one of today’s most innovative artists.

Kaino’s work navigates the space between magic and activism, weaving together disparate political and geographical contexts to reflect on our present moment in time. Through his art, Kaino chronicles parallel trajectories of history, utilising the past to shed light on contemporary issues and facilitate political action. His installations, immersive and hopeful, delve into themes of equity, visibility, belief, regeneration, and space-making, inviting viewers to engage with the complexities of the human experience.

Structured like a galaxy, “This Book Is a Promise” presents different aspects of Kaino’s production as intertwined constellations. Divided into two sections—Memory and Promise—the book offers a retrospective survey of Kaino’s past work and a comprehensive exploration of his MASS MoCA exhibition. Each section gives readers the choice of where to begin their journey.

Kaino’s expansive vision and activist-minded practice are evident throughout the book. Examining various political, social, and environmental issues, Kaino takes a multidisciplinary approach to art-making, collaborating with diverse partners to create impactful and thought-provoking works. From painting and sculpture to performance art and feature films, Kaino’s practice defies categorisation, embodying a relentless optimism and a belief in the transformative power of cultural production.

In addition to his practice, Kaino is deeply engaged in media and technology. Recent projects include the critically acclaimed off-Broadway show “In & Of Itself” and the feature-length documentary “With Drawn Arms.” He is also a co-founder of several cultural organisations, including the seminal Los Angeles artist-run space Deep River and the Mistake Room.

“This Book Is a Promise / This Book Is a Memory” offers readers a comprehensive look at Glenn Kaino’s work, inviting them to explore the intersections of art, activism, and hope. With its richly illustrated pages and insightful commentary, this book is both a celebration of Kaino’s diverse practice and a call to action for a better, more humane world. – Review PCR

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