Anish Kapoor Designed Brit Award Statuette Was Events Only Redeeming X Factor

Kapoor Brit Award

The Anish Kapoor designed Brit Award statuette was the best part of an otherwise boorish corporate event this evening (21 February). The Brit Awards have become a self-gratuitous back-patting exercise exemplifying everything that is wrong with the British music industry today. The music is packaged and polished by robots who appropriate endless styles without creating anything original of their own. This thin veneer will soon wear so thin that even the recording artist’s friends and family will lose interest. The event staging was embarrassingly old fashion resembling a catwalk show rather than an awards ceremony. Bring Back Sammy Fox and Mick Fleetwood… Anything but this dreariness! 

“Sculpture is often a process of positive and negative form.  I have made the award using both” – AK

The Turner Prize winner has had a remarkable career spanning four decades, and is regarded as one of the most prominent British sculptors of his generation. Sir Anish’s BRITs award design embodies his unique artistic vision which has gathered a wealth of critical attention and global praise. Kapoor is known for his contribution to the London 2012 Olympic Games by designing Britain’s largest piece of public art the 178m high sculpture – ArcelorMittal Orbit – located in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It has now been converted into a giant Helter Skelter slide.

Anish Kapoor
Anish Kapoor © Artlyst 2018

Kapoor, the first sculptor to be chosen as the award designer, continues The BRITs celebration of British creativity, following in the footsteps of the world-renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid whose elegant and innovative creativity formed the 2017 award. Previous designers also include Pam Hogg, Tracey Emin, Philip Treacy, Damien Hirst, Sir Peter Blake and Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Speaking of his design, Kapoor said: “I am pleased to have designed the BRIT award for 2018.  Sculpture is often a process of positive and negative form.  I have made the award using both.”

BRITs Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Jason Iley, who initiated the appointment of both Kapoor and Hadid, wanted to create pieces of art in their own respect to reward the creativity of artists in the music industry with a bespoke award.

“Sir Anish has created some of the most adventurous and memorable works of our life time which is reflected in the new BRIT award. He constantly pushes boundaries and challenges the norm and I love the way he has reimagined this year’s award. The beauty of this award is that it challenges perspectives.  Every which way you look at it, you discover more.” said Iley.

Where are you now Chumbawamba? Please throw a bucket of cold ice on the organisers!

The BRIT Awards 2018 was broadcast this evening