Art Basel Miami Beach Art Week – Rizz Guide 2023 

Art Basel Miami Beach

Artlyst has produced an easy-to-use Guide to all the essentials that Art Basel Miami Week has to offer. Although there are a lot of impenetrable VIP-only events and dinners happening, there are several really good open-to-the-public events, concerts, parties, and pop-ups for everyone.

As the rhythmic heartbeat of ABMB commences, the City’s vibrant pulse reverberates through the atmosphere, disrupting the customary dialogue centred around artists’ practices, price tags, museum acquisitions, and forthcoming exhibitions. “We’ve completed the circuit,” murmurs an eager anticipation as leaders of the art world, accompanied by luminaries from the realms of fashion, culinary arts, luxury brands, celebrities, and nocturnal revellers, descend upon the City for the extravagant spectacle that is Miami Art Week.

We will be adding to this coverage over the week so make sure you come back for updates.

This annual convergence unfurls as a compelling panorama—a week-long immersion in a sensory feast that transcends the conventional boundaries of the art scene. Beyond the mere perusal of exhibits and discourse on brushstrokes, it represents an exploration of the interplay of culture. In this jubilation, Art effortlessly intertwines with the rich fabric of Miami’s eclectic lifestyle.

Since last year’s Art Week retreated into memory, Miami has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. The City has warmly embraced high-profile residents, with luminaries such as Jeff Bezos, Shakira, and Lionel Messi gracing its shores. The culinary landscape has blossomed into a gastronomic haven, boasting 11 Michelin-rated restaurants with the allure of further culinary escapades awaiting the palates of the curious.

The city’s cultural tapestry has intricately woven itself into a refined tableau, leaving an indelible mark on the map of global artistic and aesthetic pursuits. Miami’s economic vibrancy persists, drawing both residents and visitors like moths to a flame, and the City’s allure will be splendidly illuminated during the upcoming Art Week.

Get ready to be wowed as Miami sheds its former skin, unveiling a throbbing metropolis where Art, culture, and luxury seamlessly converge in a spectacle that transcends conventional norms. Miami Art Week beckons in the mesmerising ballet of lights and colours, promising an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary and plunges attendees into the extraordinary.

2023 Miami Art Week Event Schedule

Miami Art Week is full of important events, exhibitions, and fairs. Here are some of the unmissable events with times and locations. Please Note: Several of the events are invitation only and they have some pretty mean bouncers… others are open to the public. Remember the dates and locations are subject to change.


Art Basel Miami Beach Fair Zones

Art Basel celebrates the 21st year of its USA-based art fair in Miami for the City’s Art Week, hosting galleries worldwide and displaying seven key sections: Galleries, Meridians, Nova, Positions, Survey, Kabinett and Conversations. Galleries showcase modern and contemporary Art; Meridians shows larger projects and sculptures; Nova hosts recent works by two of three artists; and Positions is for new galleries and emerging artists. The survey is for historically relevant pieces, Kabinett highlights works from galleries separate from their booths, and Conversations hosts talks led by noted cultural figures.

Participating Galleries Are: 

  • VIP Preview days: December 6th – 7th
  • Open to public: December 8th – 10th
  • Location: 1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Satellite Art Show, Miami’s only Artist-Run fair, will feature immersive installations, performances and exhibitions inside the Halloween Megastore on Lincoln Road. SATELLITE is more “artist studio” than “trade show” and is guaranteed to be fun. Fun fact: December 5 is Satellite Art Show Day, by Mayoral Proclamation.

  • Open to public: December 5th – 10th Free Entry (RSVP)
  • Location: 700 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Design Miami

Art takes the form of collectable designs, including furniture and lighting, at this eclectic exhibition. Design Miami hosts its 19th fair, showcasing over 50 international brands, galleries and designers’ work across five days. This year, the fair follows the theme Where We Stand, set by curator, writer and editor Anna Carnick, who has been appointed curatorial director of Design Miami 2023.

  • Preview Days: December 5 (Members Preview 11 am-12 pm; Collectors Preview 12 pm-7 pm) and December 6 (VIP Preview 11 am-1 pm)
  • Open to public: December 6th – 10th
  • Location: Convention Center Drive and 10th Street, alongside Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center

Art Miami

This globally known event features Art from the 20th and 21st centuries and works in conjunction with reputable galleries.

  • Platinum/VIP preview: December 5
  • Open to public: December 6th – 10th
  • Location: The Art Miami Pavilion, One Herald Plaza, NE 14th Street and Biscayne Bay, Miami, FL 33132


CONTEXT allows artists and collectors to network and elevate their platforms at this special exhibit. Check out some of contemporary and modern artists’ unique, cutting-edge works.

  • VIP preview: December 5
  • Open to public/general admission: December 6th – 10th
  • Location: The CONTEXT Pavilion, One Herald Plaza, NE 14th Street and Biscayne Bay, Miami, FL 33132

Aqua Art Miami

To view work by young, middle-of-career artists, swing by Aqua Art Miami. This exhibit expands into a quaint courtyard as part of the South Beach hotel.

  • VIP preview: December 6
  • Open to public/general admission: December 7th – 10th
  • Location: Aqua Art Miami at the Aqua Hotel, 1530 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Pinta Miami

The Pinta Miami exhibition is located in Coconut Grove.

This year’s main exhibit at Pinta Miami features Ibero-American culture. Back for its 17th annual event, Pinta Miami is based among Miami’s Coconut Grove art community and displays the work of Latin American galleries. The event welcomes creatives, artists, galleries, collectors, curators and the general public to view the works on show. Three sections make up the fair – the Main Section shows international artworks, RADAR presents a deeper dive into selected artists, and NEXT shows the work of up-and-coming creatives.

  • Open to public: December 7 – December 10
  • Location: The Hangar in Coconut Grove, 3385 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 33133

Miami River Art Fair

The Miami River Art Fair is located on the Miami River.


This boutique art fair celebrates its 12th annual edition during Miami Art Week 2023 and is the only rooftop exhibit in Miami that guarantees the best views of the Magic City. This year’s Art features an artificial intelligence edition and installations, sculptures and digital artworks by global galleries and artists in downtown Miami.

  • VIP preview: December 6
  • Fair hours for the public: December 7th – 8th
  • Location: The Penthouse Riverside Wharf, 125 SW North River Drive, Miami, FL 33130

NADA Art Fair

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) emphasises emerging, new, contemporary art voices. The fair at Miami Art Week displays works from over 140 international galleries and organisations from over 50 cities.

  • Open to public: December 5th – 9th
  • Location: Ice Palace Studios, 1400 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136

SCOPE Miami Beach Art Fair

Scope is dedicated to exhibiting works from emerging artists representing various disciplines. This critically acclaimed show will host over 150 highly curated exhibitors and a focused schedule of experiential programming by featured sponsors and partners, including morning wellness, talk series, performances, and exclusive evening events – and is expected to attract over 60,000 visitors during its 6-day run.

  • Open to the public: December 5 to the 10th
  • Location: 801 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

INK Miami

Miami Art Week satellite fair Ink Miami is back for its 16th edition, exclusively celebrating paper-based artworks. The four-day event displays works from various artists and printing presses in the U.S. and internationally.

  • Open to the public: Welcome brunch on December 6 and open until the 8th
  • Location: Suites of Dorchester, 1850 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

UNTITLED Art, Miami Beach

Untitled Art is the leading independent art fair annually on the sands of Miami Beach. Guided by a mission to support the broader art ecosystem, Untitled Art offers an inclusive platform for discovering contemporary Art and prioritises collaboration in each aspect of the fair.

  • VIP Preview; December 5th
  • Open to the public: December 6th-10th
  • Location: Ocean Drive & 12th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Spectrum Miami

  • VIP Preview; December 6 5 pm – 6 pm
  • Open to the public: December 6th-10th
  • Location: Mana Wynwood 2217 NW 5th Avenue N.W. 22nd St, Miami, FL 33127

Gateway Miami

Media and FACTBLOCK have partnered to present Gateway Miami during Miami Art Week. Returning to Miami for the third consecutive year from Dec. 6 – 8, this three-day activation will include an immersive audiovisual gallery of leading digital artists, partner activations, and compelling programming of fireside chats and keynote speakers. It will take over the iconic Faena Forum, marking the first Timtimee event held on South Beach during Art Basel Miami. Gateway Miami transforms the Rem Koolhaus and OMA-designed space into a lush garden fitting the curatorial theme, Blossoming. It features immersive installations from Christie’s, LG Art Lab, Lens, Mercedes-Benz NXT, SHISEIDO, Wilder World, Ekos Genesis Art Collection, and Atomic Form. Visit gateway. Art for the most up-to-date information and to request access for public days.



Craig Robins, the visionary entrepreneur and real estate developer 


MDD recently unveiled a permanent installation by British Artist and Designer Samuel Ross. Under the umbrella of his industrial design studio SR_A, three different bench designs are placed throughout the dynamic landscape of MDD’s public spaces and pedestrian walkways, each a testament to Ross’ profound exploration of functionality and service in communal areas. Displaying anamorphic chalk forms made of CNC Steel with a powder coating, the sculptures are made specifically for MDD.

Samuel Ross benches are located in the Miami Design District.



MDD has awarded designer Lara Bohinc the 2023 Miami Design District Annual Design Commission.


Miami Design District has awarded designer Lara Bohinc the 2023 Miami Design District Annual Design Commission. ‘Utopia’ spans four installations featuring irregular, bulbous forms reminiscent of growing cellular organisms. The sculptures are suggestive of living objects mushrooming across the district. Collectively, they imagine a city where nature thrives peacefully and in harmony with our human presence. Pieces include:

  • Outdoor seating.
  • Tables.
  • Oversized light sculptures.
  • A giant centrepiece egg-form.
  • Nine hundred egg-shaped birdhouses dispersed throughout the trees.

 Installation at the entrance of the Design Miami/ fair.


The Craig Robins Collection in Miami comprises over 1,300 pieces of contemporary Art and innovative 

The Craig Robins Collection in Miami comprises over 1,300 pieces of contemporary Art and innovative design and is exhibited within the Dacra headquarters in the Miami Design District. This year’s rehanging of the collection is titled “A Train of Thoughts”, focusing on two core subgroups of the collection’s holdings: figuration and conceptualism. The exhibition highlights a collecting history that has favoured a taste for the abject and hyperbolic figurative image in tandem with the self-reflexive, institutional critique of Art based on ideas. This seemingly incompatible pair yields unexpected dialogues.

Location: DACRA Headquarters, 3841 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137

Dates: December 6 – 8

Julian Schnabel, Ocean.Climate.Life | image courtesy Parley for the Oceans

Parley for the Oceans x Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel and Parley for the Oceans are announcing their collaboration at Art Basel Miami Beach this year, calling for support to address the devastating impacts of climate change, plastic pollution, and biodiversity loss on marine ecosystems and coastal communities. This year will mark the beginning of a long-term partnership between the non-profit and the fair, who together aim to inspire long-term positive change for our ecosystem and the protection of the oceans. Together, they will launch Art for the Oceans, a fundraising initiative that will see Parley’s Global Cleanup Network collect 1 lb of plastic for every $1 donated through the program. 


Parley’s space at the fair will display data regarding the oceans’ beauty and fragility and will introduce its many artist collaborations with artists including Ed RuschaJenny HolzerKatharina GrossePipilotti Rist, and Doug Aitken. Parley will also present a series of works in Collins Park by artist Julian Schnabel titled ‘Ocean.Climate.Life.’



Forms will be the eighth annual group exhibition presented jointly by Jeffrey Deitch and Gagosian during Miami Art Week and will be on view in the City’s design district. The dominant narrative of Modern Art has focused mainly on stylistic shifts between binary oppositions: from figuration to abstraction and back again. Playing on this history, the works included in Forms highlight, acknowledge, and challenge the pathway between abstraction and figuration with surrogates for and references to the symbolic world.

Location: 35 N.E. 40th St., Miami, FL 33137

Dates: December 5 – 10

Gimme Shelter

At the Historic Hampton House features work from iconic Black artists like Nick Cave and Carrie Mae Weems, plus other programming. 11:00 AM To 06:00 PM



French artist J.R. debuts his newest mural, ‘The Chronicles of Miami.’ Inspired by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, the piece is part of J.R.’s ambitious Chronicles series that imagines how an entire city can be represented through Art. To create the work, J.R. and his travelling studio visited ten different neighbourhoods in Miami, inviting anyone who passed by to be photographed and have a story recorded. The result is an epic, highly realistic composition that captures the 1,048 people who comprise this ever-changing coastal City. Participants’ voices and stories are linked to their portraits through the augmented reality app “J.R.: murals,” offering an immersive exploration of Miami’s diverse culture and history.

Location: Jungle Plaza, 3801 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL 33137


Stardust is a ten-foot-tall structure spanning 217 square feet. Ideated by design studio Flare, the structure marks the first of a series of collectable editions of bespoke pavilions inspired by the architectural tradition of XVII Century “Follies.” Upon entering, Stardust envelopes those inside into a dance of light and reflection. A mirrored ceiling and glass walls flirt with visitors’ bodies, while a marble floor elegantly reflects the sounds of the interior atmosphere. Natural light, diffused by the surrounding landscape, softly penetrates the transparent glass walls, animating the space. Stardust and its complementing furniture pieces (Amaranta and Ana & Chiara), also designed and created by Flare for the Design District, will be displayed and open to the public in November 2023.

Location: 95 N.E. 40th St., Miami, FL 33137

Dates: November 2023 – January 2024


In collaboration with Swampspace Gallery in Miami’s Design District, Spinello Projects proudly presents VALLE DE LÁGRIMAS (1987), a montage of ten lurid canvases. The installation of paintings is a meditation on popular culture and a tribute to Mexican fotonovelas of the 1970s. Sanchez rendered the monumental work before succumbing to AIDS in 1990. Swampspace presents this seminal work in partnership with Spinello Projects’ series of solo exhibitions and projects entitled GAY ERA.

Valle De Lágrimas was painted by the late Cuban-American painter Aldolfo Rene Sanchez.


GAY ERA is a collection of five solo shows and projects, bringing together a selection of artists whose works embody the rich tapestry of queer experiences, narratives, and artistic expressions. VALLE DE LÁGRIMAS / VALLEY OF TEARS is a unique curatorial satellite project by the late artist Adolfo Rene Sanchez at Swampspace in the Miami Design District which will be in conversation with six exhibitions at Spinello Projects, featuring Barnaby Whitfield (b.1970, Miami, Florida), Giorgio Celin (b.1986, Barranquilla, Colombia), Juan Arango Palacios (b.1997, Pereira, Colombia) and lastly, Esaí Alfredo’s (b.1997, Puerto Rico), debut solo booth presentation within the Positions sectors at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Location: 3940 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33127

Dates: December 4-9; 11 am-5 pm


‘Reclining Mermaid’ is a site-specific billboard by Elliot & Erick Jiménez, first generation … [+]


‘Reclining Mermaid’ is a site-specific billboard by Elliot & Erick Jiménez, a first-generation Cuban-American twin photo duo. The work is a portrait of Yemaya, the deity syncretised with our Lady of Regla in Cuba and ruler of the seas — her shimmering dress resembling the refraction of the ocean’s surface. The figure is mainly obscured except for her eyes, a customary feature within Elliot & Erick’s artwork; the eyes remaining present in the image serve as posterity to the history of Cuba’s colonialism and blending of Spanish and West African traditions. Reclining Mermaid is part of “Southern Histories,” a series of large-scale works at culturally significant sites to commemorate under-recognised historical narratives connected to Miami’s roots in the American South, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This public work underscores the history of migration from the Caribbean and Latin America to Miami and how these cultures transformed the City’s urban fabric over the decades. Produced in collaboration with Spinello Projects and commissioned by Fringe Projects with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Location: Corner of N.E. 2nd Ave. & 40 St., Miami, FL 33137


RIMOWA has announced their partnership with local Miami artist Typoe, who created a custom chandelier-inspired art piece permanently displayed in their newly renovated Miami Design District store, now open to the public. The piece showcases a striking exploding sculpture frozen in Time, which features bright colours inspired by the Miami colour palette.

To celebrate the partnership the week of December 4, in honour of Miami Art Basel 2023, Typoe created a limited-edition “Typoe for RIMOWA” Miami sticker pack featuring sticker designs drawn from his art piece. The stickers will be complimentary at the RIMOWA Design District Store, allowing guests to reimagine Typos’s artwork on their suitcases.

Location: Rimowa Design District Store; 115 NE 40th St. Miami, FL 33137

Dates: Sunday, December 3rd to Sunday, December 10th


The Atiba Jefferson Skate Photography Retrospective at the Miami Design District. 


With a career spanning over 25 years, Atiba Jefferson is one of the most significant photographers of our Time. His unique style and generation-bridging presence in the world of sport, and explicitly skateboarding, has made him not only a witness to moments in skate history but an active participant in the making, sharing, and advancement of the culture. Organised by Architecture, the creative studio founded by the late Virgil Abloh, this exhibition is the most comprehensive survey of Jefferson’s skate photography —from his iconic images of legendary athletes to archival gems. Combined with insightful panel discussions with Atiba and some of his most frequent subjects and collaborators, this retrospective positions Atiba as a documentarian and an artist whose beautifully composed images and singular style resonate with the skate community and the uninitiated.

Location: 50 N.E. 40th St, Miami, FL 33137 Dates: December 6 – 10, 12–6 pm daily


Andres Reisinger “Take over Miami” at the Miami Design District. 


Renowned digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger presents “Take Over Miami,” a spectacular public art installation showcased at the Miami Design District. Radiating the City with a pink-hued creative energy, Reisinger transcends the digital and physical boundaries, debuting a physical version of his viral digital series of Overs’. Reisinger presents the world’s first public art installation seamlessly transitioning from the digital canvas to the physical world. The creative talent reinterprets the architecture of significant capitals around the globe with pink drapes, integrating hyperrealistic elements into existing buildings. For the first Timtimen ‘Take Over Miami’, Reisinger takes a step forward and brings the digital series to physical life, inviting art enthusiasts to join the transformation of physical space into a surreal dreamscape of boundless creativity.

Location: 178 NE 39th St, Miami, FL 33137. Dates: December 4-10


Antonia Wright + Ruben Millares will be displayed at the Making Miami public art exhibition at the MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT.

Jayaram Law is pleased to announce Making Miami, a public art exhibition, book, and permanent digital archive presenting work by extraordinary Miami artists who lived and worked in the City between 1996-2012. The exhibit will feature work from nearly 50 artists throughout four specifically curated indoor galleries connected by a courtyard Sculpture Garden and accompanied by dynamic on-site programming. Capturing the essence of the Miami Beach art scene from the early 2000s, this cultural event is a love letter to the dawn of Miami’s art scene. The gallery spaces are four of the most influential spaces that emerged in the Design District in the early 2000s, which continue to thrive and support artists today. The gallery spaces are connected by a Sculpture Garden curated by Katerina Llanes featuring works by Miami artists, including a sculpture by artist Daniel Arsham’s Snarkitecture, a large-scale mural by street artist and painter Jan Stark, and a massive inflatable by FriendsWithYou. The Sculpture Garden will also showcase works by artists Loni Johnson, Naomi Fisher, Carlos Betancourt, Antonia Wright + Ruben Millares.

Location: 75 N.E. 39th St, Miami, FL 33137

Dates: December 6-26; Monday to Saturday, 11 am 8 pm; Sunday, 12–6 pm


Amelia Briggs will be showing at the LVMH Culture House in the Miami Design District.


LVMH proudly presents Culture House, a 5-day experiential art gallery pop-up in the Miami Design District. A vibrant showcase of profound narratives and exquisite craftsmanship, the diverse curation highlights a deliberate focus on artists of colour, women, and those with disabilities. Where Art, culture, and luxury converge, the LVMH Culture House is an immersive experience designed to amplify voices, build community, and foster meaningful networks. As a salon for dialogue, Culture House offers a series of curated conversations that facilitate critical cultural discourse that champions all dimensions of diversity.

Location: 56 N.E. 40th St, Miami, FL 33137

Dates: December 6-10; 10 am-6 pm daily

Leon Keer, ‘Reset Button’, 2023. Wynwood Walls



Alan Ket & Allison Freidin, Founders of The Museum of Graffiti, proudly present Art of Hip Hop, an immersive exhibition opening in Wynwood, spotlighting the visual unsung heroes of Hip Hop culture, including photographers, album cover artists, graffiti visionaries, and logo designers. Following successful showings at SXSW and UrbanBreak in Seoul, this showcase will land in Miami on December 5, offering a unique exploration of hip-hop’s history and Miami’s cultural contributions to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of hip-hop. The inaugural exhibition,” From the Bronx to the Beach,” will showcase rare vintage ephemera from Hip Hop’s first NYC DJ, Kool Herc, to Miami’s pioneer Uncle Luke. Visitors can expect to see the works of famed Hip Hop photographers Janette Beckman, Mike Miller, Henry Chalfant, Matt Doyle, Lisa Leone, Joe Conzo, and Daniel Hastings, alongside Hip Hop album covers designed by Cey Adams, Eric Haze, Slick, Kaws, and more. The exhibition will also shine a special spotlight on Miami’s Hip Hop history, capturing it through the lenses of local historian and photographer Derick G. and photographer Esdras T. Thelusma. The exhibition will be open to the public daily, 11 am – 6 pm, beginning December 5. For more information, please visit and @artofhiphop50.

Location: 299 NW 25th St., Miami, FL 33127


This Art Basel Miami week, the Museum of Graffiti is set to release three exclusive collaborations with today’s top artists. These highly anticipated drops will each occur inside the Museum’s world-renowned gift shop before being made available online.

An OSGEMEOS Skate Deck features the work of Brazilian twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo.


  • December 6 is the MOG x Atomik Umbrella release party, presented by Only In Dadestarting at 3:05 pm. This event celebrates the collaboration with Adam Vargas, aka Atomik, the mastermind behind Miami’s iconic smiling oranges that have become symbols of the City’s dynamic street culture. The Atomik Umbrella, limited to 300 pieces and priced at USD 25, will be available online starting December 7 at noon. Pre-registration for this unique release is open and can be accessed here.
  • December 7 with two highly anticipated drops. At 11 am, the Museum will release the limited edition OSGEMEOS Skate Deck, featuring the work of Brazilian twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo. With only 300 pieces available at USD 150 each, this deck is a collector’s dream. Those interested in this exclusive release can pre-register here, and an online release is scheduled for noon on December 8. Following the skate deck release, at 2 pm, the Museum will host the launch of CES’ first book, “From The Desk of CES.“. Pre-registration for this event is available here, and an online release is set for noon on December 11.

Location: 276 NW 26th Street, Miami, FL 33127

Arlo Wynwood Presents Giorgio Tentolini and ThankYouX

Artist Giorgio Tentolini creates his Art from mesh. 

ARLO HOTELS Arlo Wynwood will celebrate the opening of Italian artist Giorgio Tentolini’s “No One” with a special event on Wednesday, November 29, from 6–10 pm. Tentolini’s “No-One” exhibition will be displayed throughout Arlo Wynwood during Miami Art Week. The series alludes to the complexity of identity in the digital age, where the superimposed faces (created with artificial intelligence) portray no one in particular but instead reflect a multitude. “ThankYouX’s ‘Want to be Reminded’ and Giorgio Tentolini’s ‘No One’ are two of the most anticipated installations of Miami Art Week,” said Jennifer Hiblum, general manager of Arlo Wynwood.

The rooftop of the Arlo Wynwood will feature artist ThankYouX.


Italian artist Giorgio Tentolini, whose work has been showcased in prestigious museums such as ARLO WYNWOOD

The Power of Purpose at Wynwood Walls

The Power of Purpose exhibition at the Wynwood Walls. 


Wynwood Walls Lead Curator and Goldman Global Arts CEO/Co-Founder Jessica Goldman Srebnick is excited to announce its 2023 Art Week artist lineup and theme – The Power of Purpose – highlighting Wynwood Walls as one of the best venues in the world to see leading street artists. Established in 2009 by the legendary peacemaker Tony Goldman as an outdoor museum for international street art, Wynwood Walls has become a phenomenon, earning the reputation of elevating the genre of street art around the globe and inspiring millions to embrace its beauty. New to this year’s Art Week lineup, Wynwood Walls will reveal a reclaimed subway car as a permanent installation at the Museum. This 48.5ft x 9.5ft immersive “art piece” finds its new home after completing a 1,000-mile journey from West Virginia to Wynwood, just in Timtimer its Art Week debut. Other exclusive art events will happen throughout the week, including The London Police (United Kingdom) and Shok1 (United Kingdom).; Ron English (N.Y.); Dan Lam (Dallas, TX); Lauren YS (Los Angeles, CA); Mojo (Miami, FL); Defer (Los Angeles, CA); Greg Mike (Atlanta, GA); Sandra Chevrier (Canada); and Leon Keer (Netherlands), as well as the debut of KAI’s solo exhibition inside the GGA Gallery, and the launch

Perfect Memories by Kai will open during Miami Art Week at the Goldman Global Arts Annex Gallery. 


of Street Sessions – a 30-minute “Watch & Learn” session with artists as they paint new murals inside the Walls. In the main Goldman Global Arts Gallery, guests will find canvas work of the over 100 artists that have graced the Wynwood Walls over the years and exclusive artist product collections in the Wynwood Walls Shop.

Dates: Through Sunday, December 10

Location: 2516 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami

The Machine Behind the Art: Inside J.R.’s Printing Press – Superblue


The Machine Behind the Art: Inside J.R.’s Printing Press invites visitors to walk through a portal-like door embedded into The Chronicles of Miami mural on the building’s façade. Once inside, visitors find themselves inside the mechanical world crucial to J.R.’s artistic practice. After taking their portraits in one of four individual photo booths, visitors enter the interior of an oversized, whirring printing press, where their portraits escape from the rollers and float to the ground. Scaling Superblue’s exterior and visible from afar, J.R. is debuting one of his most significant immersive works, The Machine Behind the Art: Inside J.R.’s Printing Press, created for Superblue, during Miami Art Week. The installation invites visitors to walk through a portal-like door embedded into The Chronicles of Miami mural on the building’s façade. Once inside, visitors find themselves inside the mechanical world crucial to J.R.’s artistic practice. After taking their portraits in one of four individual photo booths, visitors enter the interior of an oversized, whirring printing press, where their portraits escape from the rollers and float to the ground.

Dates: Tuesday, December 5 – at least 2024

Location: Superblue, 1101 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127. Price: $25

“Infinite Growth” by Gustavo Barroso Presented by Jägermeister

“Infinite Growth” invites viewers to explore the myriad ways glass can be repurposed through Barroso’s innovative pâte de verre (French, “glass paste”) techniques. Open to the public on Friday, December 8, from 5 pm-11 pm and Saturday, December 9, from 10 am – 6 pm.

Infinite Growth exhibit by Gustavo Barroso in collaboration with Jagermeister.



Faena x Sebastian Errazuriz

Faena Art unveils its centerpiece during Miami Art Week, a full-scale maze installation by artist Sebastian Errazuriz constructed on the sands of Faena Beach. Titled ‘MAZE: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self,’ this intricate labyrinth, crafted with the aid of AI tools like Midjourney and DALL-E 2, invites visitors to explore its pathways, inevitably drawing them toward a central reflective monolith — a beacon of introspection and communal connection. This enigmatic structure serves as both an art piece and as a hub for performances and community gatherings throughout Miami Art Week. Through this immersive experience, the artist invites us to question the impact of AI on our world, prompting us to reaffirm the vital importance of face-to-face human interactions. ‘MAZE: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self’ by Sebastian Errazuriz will be open from December 5th — 10th on the sands of Faena Beach.

BMW presents “REMEMBER” in partnership with Alex Israel


BMW is returning as the official partner of Art Basel Miami Beach with the debut of “REMEMBER,” an installation in partnership with Alex Israel. In a captivating fusion of Art and Technology, BMW will present REMEMBER, an AI-powered, participatory, interactive video installation that guides visitors through Time and memory. This exhibit will feature the new 100% electric BMW i5, which inspired Israel for this collaboration. It will be open from 12/8 – 12/10 at the BMW Lounge at Art Basel Miami Beach Collectors Lounge. Working closely with BMW, Israel developed A.I. technology to collect, filter, compose and choreograph the visitor’s phone’s camera content for this immersive installation. Viewed across seven custom-designed screens at ABMB, guests will be invited to discover the hyper-memories of Alex Israel and share their own.

Alex Israel will be showcasing “REMEMBER” at the BMW Lounge at Art Basel Miami Beach Collectors  (Photo Courtesy BMW)


Known for his innovative and thought-provoking work exploring the intersection of pop culture, Art and technology, Israel’s unique artistic perspective allows him to capture the zeitgeist of modern life insightfully and engagingly. His collaboration with BMW on REMEMBER, which uses the BMW i5’s commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology and design as a pivotal inspiration, showcases his dedication to exploring the boundaries of what Art can be in the digital age.

Location: 1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 3313

House of Tilly at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

From Tuesday, December 5 to Sunday, December 10, Studio Snoop presents House of Tilly at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, featuring Tilly Talbot, the world’s first A.I. artist. Making her U.S. debut this Miami Art Week, Tilly will be showcased as a third iteration A.I. in a house-like structure installation alongside her five ‘future living’ design prototypes crafted in collaboration with human designers and makers.

House of Tilly pops up at the Standard during Miami Art Week. 


Ross+Kramer Miami Gallery Opening with Exhibition by Daniel Arsham

Ross+Kramer Gallery is set to make a groundbreaking entrance into Miami Beach’s art scene during this year’s Miami Art Week, expanding its footprint to Sunset Harbour as its third location alongside Manhattan and East Hampton. On Thursday, December 7, the gallery will unveil its new Miami space, welcoming the public to explore a mesmerising exhibition showcasing paintings and sculptures by visionary contemporary artist Daniel Arsham. This exhibit marks Arsham’s first solo showcase in Miami in over a decade. Positioned as the first Art Gallery in the area, Ross+Kramer will introduce a unique fusion of contemporary and mid-century blue-chip works, spotlighting an extraordinary lineup of emerging and internationally established artists. The gallery’s operating hours will be Tuesday–Saturday, 10 am–6 pm. Coinciding with Miami Art Week, a special invite-only grand opening event will take place on the evening of Thursday, December 7, from 8 pm to 11 pm, where Daniel Arsham himself will be present.

Blue Veiled Rome Deified by Daniel Arsham. 

Marco Cochrane Meet-and-Greet on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road presents “R-Evolution™,” a monumental 45-foot-tall, 32,000-pound kinetic sculpture by Marco Cochrane, the artist behind monumental sculptures seen at the Smithsonian Art Museum and the $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas. On Thursday, December 7, from 5–8 pm, guests can meet the artist and other Burning Man performers at a special event featuring a live D.J. and cocktails. The event is free and open to the public.

Location: 400 Block of Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tribeca Festival

Tribeca Festival, in partnership with Art Basel Miami Beach


The lineup at the Tribeca Festival during Miami Art Week.



Leo & Steph have made a name for themselves in Paris, Dubai, Geneve, London and Miami by turning iconic brands, including Chanel, Hermès, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, into unique and exclusive works of Art. Leo, a Brazilian graphic and interior designer, and Steph, a well-renowned French producer with over 20 years of experience in the media industry, met and fell in love in Paris 13 years ago and turned their shared passion for pop art into collaborative pieces of playful and colourful works of Art. Their new exhibition at Lina Cerrone Gallery will feature approximately 14 new prints alongside three new “KID CUP” sculptures, the pair’s iconic gender-neutral embodiments of the eternal, joyful inner child. The figures symbolise unending optimism, perpetually pursuing the whimsical and radiant aspects of life, with their ever-present cup representing a love for life’s offerings. The opening party is Friday, December 1, from 5:30 to 9 pm.

Location: 2239 NW Second Ave., Miami, FL 33137

“Future Sketches / Code Poems” Exhibition at ARTECHOUSE

ARTECHOUSE, a digital art pioneer, is doing a collaboration and digital art exhibition in Miami Beach titled “Future Sketches / Code Poems” by renowned artist and educator Zach Lieberman. Enjoy this two-story interactive digital art exhibition centred on amplifying human gestures. Make drawings come to life, imagine how the voice would look if we could see it, and transform silhouettes into music! The exhibition will open to the public December 6, 2023. For tickets and more information, visit

Location:736 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL


Bleacher Report Debuts’ The Residency’ Unveiling an Exclusive Apparel and Original Art Collection with the NBA

COVL Miami Heat Limited Edition T-shirt for Miami Art Week. 

This Miami Art Week, Bleacher Report will debut ‘The Residency,’ a year-long creative collective unveiled in partnership with the NBA at the nexus of sports, Art, fashion, and culture. This captivating gallery experience, open to the public from Friday, December 8 – Saturday, December 9, celebrates an eclectic mix of artists paying homage to five NBA teams. The inaugural event will highlight the following artists and corresponding teams: Esther Wallace (Boston Celtics), Bryan “Blue the Great” Blue (Dallas Mavericks), D’ana “COVL” Nuñez (Miami Heat), Mark “MADSTEEZ” Paul Deren (Phoenix Suns), and Demitrius Omphroy (Toronto Raptors). The event kicks off on Thursday, December 7, with a Private VIP Launch Party and In-Season Tournament Viewing (7 pm-11 pm), followed by the gallery’s public opening on Friday and Saturday (12 pm-7 pm).

Location: The LAB Miami | 400 NW 26th Street, Miami, FL 33127

Mark “MADSTEEZ” Paul Deren


Renowned for hosting unforgettable up-close-and-personal performances by top names in the music and entertainment industry, E11EVEN Miami continues this legacy during Miami Art Week, promising nothing short of outstanding entertainment experiences. In honour of Miami Art Week this year, E11EVEN Miami will present E11EVEN Miami’s ‘The Art of Nightlife’ Lineup:

Snoop Dogg will perform at E11, even in Miami, on Friday, December 8, 2023. 


  • Wednesday, December 6 – Cedric Gervais
  • Thursday, December 7 – Diplo
  • Friday, December 8 – Snoop Dogg
  • Saturday, December 9 – TBD
  • Sunday, December 10 – DeadMau5

Along with this thrilling lineup of performances will be the debut of an exclusive apparel collaboration with renowned designer John Geiger. Tickets and table reservations are available at

Location: E11EVEN Miami | 29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132

Sagamore Hotel South Beach

For more than two decades, the Sagamore Hotel South Beach has offered the gold standard in the annual Miami Beach Art Week experience, and this year, the hotel is raising its bar. Fusing traditional Art with immersive Web3, AI, and Bitcoin, the Sagamore has partnered with Nolcha Shows, the award-winning Web3 experiential series focused on promoting cutting-edge and innovative artistry, to bring to life this year’s theme – “The Digital Canvas: Unleashing A.I. in Art.” On Saturday, December 9, the Sagamore is hosting its iconic poolside 22nd Annual Sagamore ART Brunch, one of the most sought-after invites of the year. The epic event brings together the who’s who of the art community, welcoming hundreds of industry leaders spanning Art, entertainment and social media for an al-fresco afternoon of indulgence in art, food, drink and surprise performances.

Miami’s award-winning architect Kobi Karp is speaking at the Sagamore Hotel South Beach. 


MAXIM Miami Art Week Party at Hyde Beach

In celebration of their November/December release, MAXIM will host their 5th annual art week party with acclaimed DJ James Hype at Hyde Beach at the iconic SLS South Beach on Saturday, December 9 at 10 pm. This star-studded poolside soiree is set to heat Miami Art Week, and Hyde Beach will be transformed into a chic outdoor setting for VIP attendees to enjoy. This can’t-miss celebration will feature 100s of top models, a surprise live artist collaboration, and a surprise guest performance. Tickets are available for purchase here.

Maxim Party is featuring James Hype during Miami Art Week.


Hugel and Alec Monopoly will headline Hyde Beach at Miami Art Week. 


Aqua Art Miami VIP Preview

Party for Aqua Art Miami at the Aqua Hotel in Miami Beach.


Details: Aqua Art Miami will kick off its 17th edition at the Aqua Hotel with a VIP Preview on Wednesday, December 6, before opening to the public December 7- 10. The energetic preview has become the destination for influential collectors and art professionals, many of whom migrate from Aqua’s sister fairs, Art Miami and CONTEXT, conveniently nestled between the Venetian Causeway and the MacArthur Causeways, and Art Basel Miami Beach, which is located just a few blocks away. Aqua Art Miami is the premier location for art lovers to procure works by young, emerging and mid-career artists. The fair has continued to solidify itself as a completely unique art fair, consistently staying true to its signature relaxed yet energetic vibe. A roster of well-respected international galleries will showcase the fresh artists’ works in the intimate exhibition rooms, which open into the beautiful courtyard of the classic South Beach hotel. VIP Tickets start at $285 and include access to the VIP preview on December 6 from 3–10 pm, as well as unlimited admission Thur-Sun, Dec 7-10. VIP includes admission to the Art Miami + CONTEXT Art Miami VIP Previews on December 5 from 6:30 pm to 10 pm and unlimited admission from December 6 to 10.

Location: Aqua Hotel (1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139)

alo x HypeArt present The Recovery Lounge

Also, HypeArt is at the 1 Hotel in South Beach.

Also, the hot activewear and lifestyle brand is unveiling its new 01 Classic sneakers through different activities around town to celebrate Miami Art Week. On December 7th, 11 am- 5 pm, alo x HypeArt present The Recovery Lounge at the 1 Hotel. After a week of non-stop partying, this is a must to keep your body going.

Flex Basel Party

Flex Art Miami party invite. 

On Friday, December 8, in MiamiFlex, the finance app and creator of the brand-friendly platform Passes and Quantum, combined forces to host the ‘Flex Basel Party‘. The luxurious, exclusive experience will take place on a Venetian Island oasis with surprises throughout the night, featuring live entertainment, artists, and spectacular celebrity headliner performances by BLOND: ISH and AMÉMÉ, making it the highly-anticipated event of Art Basel weekend.

The invite-only event will include a curated list of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, investors, artists, and personalities.

Dante’s HiFi

D.J. Pee Wee in the Courtyard


Dante’s HiFi, Miami’s first vinyl listening bar, ignited a local trend and has now emerged as the epicentre for top-tier global music talent and celebrity sightings, including A$AP Rocky, Anderson Paak, Zoe Kravitz, and more. This year, during Art Basel, expect performances by Benji B, Koco from Japan, Soul & the Horn, Moody Man, Musical Director Rich Medina, and many more.

Art Basel lineup:



The Miami Downtown Development Authority is offering Freebee service throughout Downtown Miami. FREEBEE

Suppose you are downtown and don’t want to deal with the cost of parking or traffic. Checkout Freebee.

The Miami Downtown Development Authority has partnered with Freebee to launch a fixed-route downtown circulator just in Time for Miami Art Week. Passengers can hail a ride anywhere on the route, which passes 18 destinations downtown, including the Kaseya Center, the Brightline MiamiCentral station, four Metromover stations and more. Passengers can also use the Ride Freebee app to book a free ride in one of the all-electric vehicles. It’s an easy way only to park once or use another transit option and get around the urban core.


Soho Beach House will have many day and night activations throughout the week.

  • Sunday, December 3 –Soho Beach House will host 100% Pure Beach, the first-ever drag brunch, bingo with Dancing Phil, and a D.J. set from legendary Crystal Waters.
  • Monday, December 4 – British artist Harland Miller and Soho House, global director of Art Kate Bryan will discuss his latest works and his book’s newly released Phaidon edition at the Soho Beach House tent.
  • Wednesday, December 5- Porsche will present an evening performance by the legendary Juvenile to celebrate an installation by Lyne Lucienon.
  • Wednesday, December 6- Soho Beach House will host an Evian x Coperni beach party with unique back-to-back sets from Odalys, Zack Bia and Chloé Caillet.
  • Thursday, December 7- A party celebrating Parisian fashion label IRO with Amrit, Layla Benitez and Desiree, and an Amazon Music x Soho House Latin night.
  • Friday, December 8- A panel discussion with SSENSE and an Andrew x Slip n Slide Records party with Trick Daddy and Trina.
  • Saturday, December 9- An afternoon with O.G. Magazine and Leon Bridges.
  • Sunday, December 10- Soho Beach House will close the week with a daytime party with No Vacancy featuring Hank Korsen, Benji B and Acyde. 

Overlooked Museums: A Few Hot Spots

The Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection (JCMAC) is an unmissable institution dedicated to geometric abstraction. And The Wolfsonian at Florida International University is a brilliant art and design museum in the Art Deco District.

Public Space: Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome

I make a point of parking underneath the Design District Plaza so that I can walk right into Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome (by accessing it through the broad circular staircase in its interior).

Top Photo: Clayton Calvert © Artlyst December 2023


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