Art Basel Miami Beach Satellite Fairs Report 2017

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Here is our annual report on how the other fairs did this year during Art Basel Miami Beach week. We are still looking for the figures from Pulse but here are Art Miami, Context, Untitled and Edition.

Celebrating its 28th edition, Art Miami kicked off Miami Art Week, where it held its reign as the leading international contemporary and modern art fair. Along with sister fair CONTEXT Art Miami, the two shows ran between December 5th to 10th and reported their strongest ever editions with multi-million dollar sales of blue-chip and contemporary artists and strongest attendance figures of prestigious art collectors, connoisseurs, advisors and notable museum professionals both at the VIP opening and throughout the week at the new waterfront location.

Art Miami and Context welcomed more than 80,000 attendees

The two fairs welcomed more than 80,000 attendees, and more than 15,000 guests to the VIP Preview, which was sponsored by Christie’s International Real Estate and benefitted the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), marking the sixth consecutive year that PAMM has been the fair’s exclusive VIP Preview benefactor. To date, Art Miami LLC has donated more than $150,000 to further the museum’s collection and mission, and the partnership remains an integral part of Art Miami’s larger commitment to Miami. To celebrate the fair’s new location, Art Miami LLC Executive Vice President and Director Nick Korniloff and his wife Pamela Cohen led a ceremonial ribbon cutting at the start of the VIP Preview alongside city dignitaries including Commissioner Ken Russell, City of Miami, Deputy Police Chief Ronald Papier, City of Miami, NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath, Franklin Sirmans, Director of Pérez Art Museum Miami, and Patricia “Missy” Lawrence, President of Resorts World Bimini, to open the fair in its new location. Multiple dealers participating in Art Basel were in attendance during the Black Card First View.

Nick Korniloff comments, “This was our most successful fair to date, regarding acquisitions. Collectors streamed through the doors to admire and acquire work from some of the most important artists in the 20th and 21st centuries including Warhol, Picasso, Basquiat, Kusama, Condo, Pistoletto and Hockney. Our new location added another dimension to our presentation. Being centrally located provided an increased level of convenience for our visitors.”

Robert Landau, Owner, Landau Contemporary at Galerie Dominion comments, “Art Miami was a triumph! The organization was outstanding and had the nicest people. Everything was professional. We welcomed some of the best customers and any that did not have the time to visit missed a great show. Business was great, and everyone was excited and happy.”

The success of Art Miami was visible by the significant sales made by more than 140 international galleries representing 961 artists from 22 different countries and 60 cities, including:

· Michael Schultz Gallery placed Andy Warhol’s 1962 Marilyn for $5.5 million, Abdallah by Gerhard Richter from 2011 for $165,000, Fusion by Cornelia Schleime from 2016 for $70,000, untitled by Stephan Kaluza from 2017 for $52,000, and without words by SEO from 2017 for $78,000.
· Galerie Terminus placed Sigmar Polke’s L‘oiseau bleu from 2005 for approximately $4-million, Great American Nude by Tom Wesselmann from 1967 for $3-million, Aufstand der Spieler by A.R. Penck from 2001 for $160,000, and a selection of Heiner Meyer pieces.
· ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN placed Peinture 1989 by Pierre Soulages from 1989 for more than 1 million dollars, in addition to several pieces by George Condo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hockney, and Jonas Wood for undisclosed sums.
· Antoine Helwaser Gallery placed From Bedroom Painting #42 by Tom Wesselmann from 1978/91, Oil No. 7 by Yayoi Kusama from 1997, and Nets 45 by Yayoi Kusama from 1998 for $1.5 million total, as well as Portrait d’Homme from 1958 by Jean Dubuffet and Air Mail from 1974 by Alexander Calder for high-value sums.
· David Benrimon Fine Art placed Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Nets [BAE] from 2015 for a seven-figure sum and George Condo’s The Butler from 2007 for a six-figure sum.
· Wexler Gallery placed Yellow Place from 1997 by Sean Scully for a seven-figure sum, Sheep, Fox, Rabbit from 2007 by Julian Opie for a six-figure sum, 9mm from 2017 by HAROW for $15,000, and five pieces by Roberto Lugo, including Venus de Kenzo from 2017 for $14,000, Bringing Da Ruckus With Porcelain from 2017 for $10,000, Celia and I from 2017 for $8,000, Harriet and I from 2017 for $8,000, and New Slaves from 2017 for $6,000.
· Allan Stone Projects placed Hillside Streets by Wayne Thiebaud from 1993 for $575,000, After five by Thomas Downing from 1961 for $48,000, Oval Glory by Jack Whitten from 1968 for $45,000, and Mudhead Room / French Couch by James Havard for 1985 for $12,000.
· GALERÍA LA COMETA placed Bird by Fernando Botero from 1981 for $380,000, Entramada Densa by Nadir Figueroa from 2017 for $11,000, and Línea Negra by Tomás Ochoa from 2017 for $10,000.
· Berry Campbell Gallery placed pieces by Dan Christensen, Syd Solomon, Yvonne Thomas, Frank Bowling, Friedel Dzubas, and Stephen Pace for a total of $301,000.
· NIKOLA RUKAJ GALLERY placed the Alex Katz sculpture portfolio and four prints for a total of $280,000, two pieces by Malcolm Liepke for $19,000, and pieces by Rene Marcil and William Perehudoff for a total of $12,200.
· Galerie Ernst Hilger placed eight of the Vivien x 5 series by Alex Katz from 2017 for a total of $136,000, two Miss Chiquita light boxes by Mel Ramos from 2016 for a total of $84,000, two untitled pieces by Nikolaus Moser from 2009 for a total of $50,000, and five Shepard Fairey pieces.
· 55Bellechasse placed two the Bienveillant sculptures by Diadji Diop for $120,000 each, two pieces by Niloufar Banisadr including Sexy Windows from 2012 for $45,000 and Iranian Spring from 2017 for $17,500, two works by Jon Davis for a total of $27,000, and a large selection of works from Jason Newsted.
· Jerome Zodo Gallery placed Maquette for Night Wall I by Louise Nevelson from 1976-1979 for approximately $117,000, Senza titolo, Azzurro by Ettore Spalletti from 2013 for approximately $47,000, Tre ovali gialli by Turi Simeti from 2014 for approximately $47,000, and Due ovali rossi by Turi Simeti from 2010 for approximately $42,000.
· Markowicz Fine Art placed several pieces by Idan Zareski including Whistler Bronze from 2017 for $90,000, Big Medium Size Red Fiberglass from 2017 for $55,000, The Rebel from 2017 for $40,000, Baby Foot Medium Size Grey Fiberglass from 2017 for $36,000, and Cool Foot Bronze from 2017 For $30,000, Baby Foot XS bronze from 2017 for $3,000, two pieces by Cedric Bouteiller from 2017 for $16,000 and $9,000 respectively, and AMNESIA by Sébastien Preschoux from 2017 for $5,250.
· Waterhouse & Dodd placed Red, Yellow and Blue by Sam Francis from 1963 for $89,000, Girl Leaning on Horse by Sophie Ryder from 2016 for $77,000, and Prohibition by Norman Blum from 1961 for $34,000.
· Paik Hae Young Gallery placed Halo 16-0518 by Kim Hyung Dae from 2016 for $70,000.
· Vertu Fine Art placed Before the Storm by Carlos Rolón/Dzine from 2017 for $62,000; Blah, Blah, Blah by Mel Bochner from 2009 for $50,000, and This is Monique by Julian Opie from 2004 for $47,000.
· Kuckei + Kuckei placed Insomnia XXXVII by Miguel Rothschild from 2017 for $48,000, Lache 3 by Oliver van den Berg from 2017 for $10,000, and five works by Michael Laube for an undisclosed sum.
· NanHai Art placed Autumn Mountains by Hou Beiren from 2016 for $40,000, Houshan Revolve MOTH 0533 by Wang Tiande from 2016 for $33,000, and Energy Flow by Leroy Lee from 2014 for $18,000.
· Sims Reed Gallery placed Pablo Picasso’s Les Deux Femmes Nues from 1946 for close to $30,000, Howard Hodgkin’s Palm and Window print from 1990-91 for $15,000, and Gerald Laing’s Baby Baby Wild Things from 1968 for an undisclosed sum.
· Gallery LEE & BAE placed a selection of works from Kim Hyun Sik including Who likes K blue?, Who likes K magenta?, Who likes K violet? and Who likes K yellow? from 2016 for $23,000 each, and three works from Lee Woo Lim including In the woods from 2017 for $23,000, A walk from 2016 for $19,000 and Spring from 2017 for $16,000.
· Cynthia Corbett Gallery placed After Fools Rush In II by Elise Ansel from 2016 for $16,500, and two Andy Burgess pieces, including Wexler House with Aqua Pool from 2017 for $6,500 and Mediterranean Modern II from 2016 for $4,000.
· Vrom & Varossieau placed Walled Off Hotel Box Set by Banksy from 2017.
· Galerie Forsblom placed multiple works by Jacob Hashimoto and Toni R. Toivonen from 2017, and works by Chantal Joffee from 2016.
· Hollis Taggart Galleries placed multiple works by Julius Tobias from the 1960’s, two works by Michael (Corinne) West, and work by Robert Motherwell from 1967, Esteban Vicente from 1982, and Mark Grotjahn from 1996.

Julian Navarro, Director, CONTEXT Art Miami comments: “There is no doubt that this edition of CONTEXT Art Miami was the best to date. This was due to the high quality of the artworks exhibited, the international exhibitors, the high number of international collections and art institutions, who made strong acquisitions of contemporary art throughout the week from 103 international participating galleries representing 472 artists reporting sales.”

Adam Adelson, Director, Adelson Galleries, comments, “We had tremendous success with our artist, Federico Uribe, breaking a new record for him with the sale of Innocent and Guilty for $180,000 each. We also placed over a dozen other works by Uribe in private collections, priced between $75,000 and $7,500. There was significant interest in our other artists: Steven Spazuk, Robert Freeman, Andrew Stevovich, and Jamie Wyeth, with sales pending. Overall, it was our most successful fair to date.”

Sales included:

· Galeria Casa Cuadrada placed En la Tarde and Universo by Rafa Macarron from 2017 for $160,000, as well as works by Hugo Carrillo for $20,000, Camilo Matiz for $20,000, and Ismael Lagares for $4,000.
· HOHMANN placed Quantum Mermaid by Julian Voss-Andreae from 2017 for $58,000.
· Markowicz Fine Art placed Love Vs Money from 2017 by Kai for $45,000.
· Galerie Matthew Namour placed Dot Pattern Mouse Mask from 2014 by Ron English for $40,000 and Station to Station 2 by Shepard Fairey from 2012 for $15,000.
· Kim Foster Gallery placed two pieces by Will Kurtz, including Skin Deep from 2017 for $24,000 and Bulldog from 2017 for $5,000, as well as The Storm by Dan Hernandez from 2017 for $16,000, Inside the Rainbow by Christian Faur from 2017 for $20,000, and Garden of Capnam by Dan Hernandez from 2017 for $16,000.
· GALLERY MAC placed Truka by Giorgio Laveri from 2015 for $22,000 and BlaBlaBla by Fabrizio Dusi from 2017 for $16,000.
· Z GALLERY ARTS placed Khaled Alkahni’s Dance Continue from 2014 by for $16,000 and Missing from 2016 for $6,000.
· Twyla placed five editions of the Stanley Casselman print Luminor 3-4 from 2017 for $27,550.
· Simons Gallery placed Roberto Polillo’s Impressions of Cuba from 2017 for $10,000 and Impressions of NYC from 2017 for $9,000, as well as Think by Leonor Anthony from 2016 for $9,700 and The Whale Song by Daria Cipriani from 2017 for $3,000.
· Duane Reed Gallery placed four works by Steven Young Lee from 2017 for $7,800 each.
· Galleria Ca’ d’Oro placed Cloud by Michelangelo Bastiani from 2017 for $5,000.
· Alida Anderson Art Projects placed Noé Reyes from the State of Puebla works as a delivery boy in Brooklyn, New York by Dulce Pinzon from 2010 for $3,500 and Matthew Langley represented by the gallery acquired a commission to produce multiple works for a multi-store installation in several cities for Saks Fifth Avenue.
· 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel placed Danny Rolph’s New York to the owner of the Miami Dolphins for undisclosed amount, as well as one piece by Jose Vincench and two by Gustavo Acosta.
· Hashimoto Contemporary placed Joel Daniel Phillips, and Kim Cogan works with Fort Wayne Museum of Art.
· Accola Griefen placed Reverie by Renee Stout from 2013 and a selection of works by Judy Pfaff and Gina Adams.
· Denise Bibro Fine Art placed a selection of works by Dusty Boynton, Shane McAdams, Jerry Meyer, and Monique Rollins.

Throughout the fair, prominent figures in entertainment, sport, music, business, and culture viewed the impressive selection of works, including Gerard Butler, Michael Bay, Gloria Estefan, Tyson Beckford, Amar’e Stoudemire, Frank Ocean, Chuck Close, Jason Newsted formerly of Metallica, Janis Winehouse, Former NFL player Robert Bailey who is a two time Superbowl champion, Jarvis Landry, Former Miami Dolphins player, Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and his wife Grete Sadeiko, Micky Arison, owner, Miami Heat and chairman, Carnival Corporation, and his wife Madeleine, Stephen Ross, owner, Miami Dolphins, and his wife Kara Ross of UNLEASHED, Roman Abramovich, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary and his wife Linda, and Rick Moeser and Bailly Roesch of Christie’s International Real Estate. Notable museum professionals and influencers in attendance included Jorge and Darlene Pérez, Rina Carvajal, Director, Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Design, Tommy Rönngren, Founding Partner and Chairman of the Board, Fotografiska London, The Museum of Photography, Rina Carvajal, Director, MDC Museum of Art and Design, Bonnie Clearwater, Director and Chief Curator, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Rachel Brown, Program Manager, Art Business & Summer Study, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Claire Malloy, Membership Coordinator, Whitney Contemporaries, Whitney Museum of American Art, Shane L. Platt, Assistant to the Director, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Courtney Graham, Manager of Events & Evening Associates, Art Institute of Chicago, Patricia Hanna, Art Director, The Related Group, Tami Katz-Freiman, Curator, Israeli Pavilion, 2017 Venice Biennale. Artists ABH, Doug Argue, Pablo Atchugarry, Edwin Baker, Mr. Brainwash, Al Diaz, John Henry, Danny Minnick, Niels “SHOE” Meulman, Gino Oiles, Robert Sagerman, Bradley Theodore, private art advisors Kim Heirston, Lisa Schiff, and Kathryn Mikesell, and notable collectors including Audrey and Martin Gruss, Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne Bon Haes, Michael and Carolynn Friedman, Jeffrey and Debra Wechsler, Scott and Jessica Goldman Srebnick, Neil Schwartz, Todd Halpern, and Ron Shuffield, CEO, EWM Realty International.

Special projects at Art Miami included:

· Christie’s International Real Estate, together with its international affiliates, hosted a booth at the main entrance of the fair, featuring luxury residential property offerings from around the world.
· Deep See Project Curated by Carol Damian leveraged the power of art as a means of communication to heighten awareness about climate change, marine safety and conservation, and sea level rise. The installation served as a platform for artists and organizations dedicated to the sea. Sponsored by the MIART Foundation, three prominent environmentally engaged artists, Tina Spiro, Edouard Duval-Carrie, and Jacek Kolasinksi, who all have deep ties to Miami, joined forces and addressed the awesome power and fragility of the sea, and the origin and necessity of life on earth.
· 55Bellechasse presented work by rock ‘n’ roll icon Jason Newsted, formerly of Metallica in the exhibition. RAWK is the Grammy Award-winning bassist’s second artistic show following his debut at Art New York. Half of all sales have been donated to the Perry J. Cohen Foundation, an organization devoted to the advancement of the arts, environmental, marine and wildlife education and preservation, teenage entrepreneurship, and boating safety education.
· UNLEASHED was an interactive booth at Art Miami that focused on job creation platforms for talented female craft artisans in marginalized areas around the world. The booth shined a spotlight on their talents through media attention in an original content series “CONNECTING THREAD.” Founded by jewellery designer Kara Ross, UNLEASHED and “CONNECTING THREAD” bring awareness to their skills and creates jobs, in turn breaking the poverty cycle. Craft communities and artisans make up 3.5% of the global GDP. This is BIG BUSINESS done on a small scale throughout some of the most impoverished and underserved parts of the world.
· JW Marriott Marquis Miami and Hotel Beaux Arts Miami, the Official Luxury Hotel partner of Art Miami, hosted a special exhibition in conjunction with the fair of emerging and mid-career international talents on display in the hotel lobby.
· Young at Art Mini-Museum was a multisensory interactive art installation for fairgoers’ children ages three to 13-years old. Those enrolled in the program enjoyed a unique opportunity to experience innovative workshops, performances and interactive artworks all led by cutting contemporary edge artists.
· LiLY NOCHES – The paintings of Columbian artist Douglas Mendoza served as a stunning backdrop for the launch of the highly-anticipated fashion brand – LiLY NOCHES COLLECTION; whose premier Spring/Summer 2018 line showcases trims based on his modern abstract paintings. This unique booth was a must-visit with fifty percent of Mendoza’s painting sales and fifty percent of LiLY NOCHES pre-orders being donated to the fashion brand’s co-founder, Marc Buoniconti’s non-profit organization, The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis.

Special projects at CONTEXT Art Miami included:

· SOUND POSITIONS: The program started in 2014, and since then has been a strong platform for the presentation of Sound Art in our fair editions in Miami and New York. Sound Positions creates immersive and intimate situations for listening to work by an international selection of emerging and established sound artists. The exhibition featured four individual listening stations dedicated to the work of solo artists including Seth Cluett, Luza Quiceno Quiroga, Mileece, and David Schafer.
· SCULPTURE POSITIONS: Sculpture Positions is a curatorial program that provided the opportunity for exhibitors to present experimental and innovative developments in contemporary sculpture throughout the fair.
· GALLERIES ASSOCIATION OF KOREA, as a meeting of nationwide galleries, was founded in 1976 with a sense of duty to the establishment of order in the circulation and to foster a sound art market, as well as to promote the understanding and popularization of art and contribute to the global advancement of the culture of art. It was registered as a social organization of the ministry of culture and information in 1979. By being promoted to a corporation in 1991, its social obligation has been strengthened. Participating galleries included Baiksong Gallery, CHUNG JARK GALLERY, Gallery Banditrazos, Galerie GAIA, GALLERY JUNG, GALLERY MAC, gallery NoW and NINE Gallery, Galerie Bhak, Gallery Baton, GALLERY LEE & BAE, KEUMSAN GALLERY, LEEHWAIK GALLERY, PAIK HAE YOUNG GALLERY, PYO Gallery, Soul Art Space, and Wellside Gallery.
· 532 Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, based in New York, presented a performance by German-born artist Nadja Verena Marcin. “OPHELIA” was an architectural, interdisciplinary performance, presented as a video sculpture evoking questions of anthropocentric attitudes and actions, which are resulting in the human destruction of the biosphere. The piece is inspired by “Ophelia” (John Everett Millais, 1852), “Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank” (Jeff Koons, 1985), and the text from “The World” (Daniil Kharms, 1939).
· Heron Arts, based in San Francisco, presented Donald Ian McCaw, a Canadian performance artist who situated his very personal autobiographical paintings in the context of a very impersonal story about a businessman seeking to reinvent the way fine art is made. McCaw played out the story of Mba Fabrications Inc. where he presented outrageous business initiatives with convincing earnestness for a perfect trompe l’oeil.
· Additional Special Projects included: Love vs Money by Kai and Kong Dentelle Ajouré by Richard Orlinski from Markowicz Fine Art; The Art of Finding Love by Michael Kalish from FP Contemporary; Rasgo by Gustavo Vélez from GALERIA LGM; Soul Dancer by Michelangelo Bastiani from Galleria Ca’ d’Oro; Installation of works by Edwin Baker III from Alida Anderson Art Projects.

Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami hosted curated breakfasts, intimate cocktail receptions in the VIP lounge, and private tours for multiple museum groups and professionals throughout the week including Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, The Boca Raton Museum of Art, ICA Miami, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Pérez Art Museum Miami, and Bass Museum of Art.

Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami’s new location, at the former site of the Miami Herald, is nestled between the Venetian Causeway and MacArthur Causeway and just east of Biscayne Blvd, and fairs offer an unprecedented level of convenience and a renewed connectivity to the activities and collectors on Miami Beach. The fairs provided accessible parking, a complimentary shuttle service between fairs and an Uber service for VIP ticket holders throughout the week. The new location featured amenities that allowed visitors to spend an entire day at the fairs, with six hospitality areas including a waterfront café, an indoor café, outdoor dining space, cocktail lounge, and an outside cocktail deck overlooking beautiful Biscayne Bay.

Other Shows/Fairs


December 12th, Miami FL – Ian Schrager’s Miami Beach EDITION property was host to a non-stop week of events and activations for Art Basel Miami Beach. The property hosted AMEX’s Platinum Tent experience on the beach which was opened with a special concert by Drake who performed an intimate show for lucky guests. AMEX also installed the Room 2022 visual art piece by British set designer Es Devlin which quickly became one of the most Instagrammed sight specific pieces of the week.
The Hole Gallery hosted a live performance piece by Tara Subkoff starring Selma Blair and Caroline Vreeland, “Synaptic Fatigue/Dear in the Headlights’ saw 15 actresses and performers including a moving vocal performance by opera singer Rebecca Ringle who sang four songs over the course of the hour-long show.

EDITION had an artist in residence Moral Turgeman conducting her Blind Portrait experiment over the course of the week, guests and visitors alike sat for Turgeman who wants to exhibit each sketch with a gallery show once she hits 10,000 portraits and Swedish photographer Daniella Midenge also hosted a signing for her first book Sex + Cigarettes which saw every book being sold.
Late night parties were held in Basement Bowl and the nightclub with Spring Break Art Fair, Performa, DROME Magazine, Faith Connexion, Highsnobiety x The Academy and Public School which saw the night owls dancing strong until 5 am each morning. Internationally renowned DJ’s Satori, Bedouin, Guy Laliberte, Nicolas Matar, Blond: ish, Stavroz, Virgil Abloh and DZA. Special dinners were also hosted by PIN-UP magazine, Half Gallery who were honouring Irish artist Genieve Figgis and local Miami blogger Yes Julz.

Over the course of the week VIPs from across the globe descended on the iconic urban retreat including: Drake, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, Frances Cobain, Swizz Beatz, Selma Blair, Derek Blasberg, Daniel Arsham, Caroline Vreeland, Rocky Barnes, Bryan Boy, Virgil Abloh, Kathy Grayson, Tara Subkoff, Maria Buccellati, Jillionaire, Valentine Uhovski, Wendy White, Rachel Rossen, Eric Yahnker, Julien Pomereau, Alex Becerra, Yano Schieman, Cynthia Rowley, Misha Kahn, Danny Fox, Nino Mier, Michael B Jordan, Amar’e Stoudemire, Olivia Culpo, Timberland, Tash Oakley, Dev Windsor, Jennifer Fisher, Hannah Bronfman, Brendan Fallis, Daniella Midenge, Heron Preston, Swaim Hutson, Asia Blue Shelley, Abbey Drucker, Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow.


Untitled Miami Beach
Untitled Miami Beach


On Sunday, December 10, Untitled, Miami Beach closed its sixth edition with reports of strong sales throughout the week and an enthusiastic response from participating galleries, collectors, museum professionals, artists and the general public. Untitled, Miami Beach held its position as a must-attend event amongst the many activities taking place during Miami Art Week, setting a record for attendance. The 2017 edition of the fair was led by Executive Director, Manuela Mozo in partnership with Artistic Director, Omar López-Chahoud.

The curated fair featured 137 galleries from 26 countries and 58 cities, resulting in a notably diverse and international presentation. The fair was pleased to welcome 41 new exhibitors including galleries from Cuba, Iran, Peru, Turkey, Uruguay and South Africa, as well as a continuing strong presence of galleries from Europe and Latin and North America.

Across six days, the fair attracted 39,000 visitors, the highest attendance in the fair’s history. Visitors included esteemed collectors from around the world such as Sarah Arison, Matthew Armstrong, Maria Baibakova, Estrellita Brodsky, JK Brown and Eric Diefenbach, Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, Jeffrey Dauber, Zoë and Joel Dictrow, Larry Fields, Keith Fox and Tom Keyes, Bill Gautreaux, Kemal Has Cingillioglu, Susan and Michael Hort, Pamela Joyner, Jill and Peter Kraus, Dani Levinas, George Lindemann, Nion McEvoy, Misha and Anna Moeremans, Jorge Perez, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, Ron Pizzuti, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Michael Ringier, Mera and Donald Rubell, Debra and Dennis Scholl, Bruce Toll, Robin Wright, and Anita Zabludowicz among others.

Leading curators and art world professionals were among the guests at the sixth edition of Untitled, Miami Beach, including Bill Arning (CAM Houston), Elysia Borowy (MCA Detroit), Amy Cappellazzo, Gary Carrion-Murayari (New Museum), Mary Ceruti (SculptureCenter), Cathleen Chaffee (Albright-Knox), Eric Crosby (Carnegie Museum of Art), Jose Esparza Chong Cuy (MCA Chicago), Michael Goodson (Wexner Center for the Arts), Rebecca Hart (Denver Art Museum), Max Hollein (Fine Arts Museums, San Francisco), Ruba Katrib (MoMA PS1), Philipp Kaiser, Omar Kholeif (MCA Chicago), Justine Ludwig (Dallas Contemporary), Lisa Melandri (CAM St Louis), Tobias Ostrander (Pérez Art Museum Miami), Adriano Pedrosa (Museu de Arte de São Paulo), Christian Rattemeyer (MoMA), Eva Respini (ICA Boston), Ellen Salpeter (ICA Miami), Kenny Schachter, Lisa Schiff, Hans-Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries), as well as notable guests such as artists and architects David Adjaye, Andrea Bowers, Chuck Close, Alex Katz, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Amy Sherald, and Mickalene Thomas.

This year’s Untitled, Miami Beach was the first edition under the leadership of Executive Director Manuela Mozo, who commented: “I was extremely excited by my first edition of Untitled, Miami Beach as Executive Director. The support and enthusiasm from our exhibitors and partners made my transition from exhibitor to the fair director a true pleasure. It is clear from the excellent and diverse presentations and records attendance figures this year that Untitled is maturing year on year, while retaining its unique curatorial identity. We are looking forward to an even better fair in 2018 and onward.”

Highlights of special projects included a recreation of Gordon Matta-Clark’s Garbage Wall, presented by the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark in collaboration with students from Florida International University Honors College; GAMMA GALERÍA’s presentation of Thiago Martins de Melo’s Deus Cortado; a large selection of works by the prominent French-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, presented by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), both inside the fair and in a ‘mobile museum’ in a shipping container located just outside Untitled’s pavilion; Sergio Vega’s Shanty: on the mimetic faculty presented by Galleria Umberto di Marino; Lucy + Jorge Orta’s Antarctic Village – No Borders, Dome Dwelling presented by Jane Lombard Gallery, and Hotspot, a collaborative presentation by Bogotá’s CARNE and San Juan’s Km 0.2.
Other programming elements incorporated a performative element with the artist-run Galerie offering visitors the opportunity to request, engage with and experience performance and immaterial works enacted by artists Adriano Wilfert Jensen and Simon Asencio, and Jamie Felton’s daily sunset dance performance that took place on the beach, Stork Phrase Lines Up With The Shoreline, created in collaboration with choreographer Alexsa Durrans and curated by Untitled’s Krysta Eder.
Returning for the third year, Untitled, Radio continued to offer a dynamic alternative to the standard art fair program of talks, panels and lectures, providing and exciting and accessible platform for discussion, public engagement, sound works, performance, and curated playlists. Untitled, Radio once again partnered with Miami’s own Wynwood Radio, and was located in a site-specific, architectural project by SiTE:LAB’s Paul Amenta with architect Ted Lott of Lott3Metz Architecture. Entitled Radio Station – Miami Folly II, the steel frame structure also incorporated Not Design, a collaborative letterpress studio that has worked with SiTE:LAB since 2010.

Several galleries in the sixth edition of Untitled, Miami Beach focused on different conceptual and formal approaches to photography through a cross-generational selection of artists. Yossi Milo Gallery (New York) presented works by Marco Breuer, Karl Martin Holzhäuser, Gottfried Jäger and Alison Rossiter, a group of photographers whose work represents the 20th century Concrete Art movement. RocioSantaCruz (Barcelona) presented historic works by Marcel Giró and Ferran Garcia Sevilla, as well as new works by contemporary artists Mar Arza and Andrés Galeano. Yancey Richardson (New York) presented new photographs by Zanele Muholi, Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Mickalene Thomas. Benrubi Gallery (New York) showed three generations of photographers including Roger Steffens, Simon Norfolk and André Cepeda, whose work stands as a testament to the power of the social document.
Untitled, Miami Beach, 2017 included numerous strong solo booth presentations that included new exhibitor False Flag (New York) with a suite of four sculptures by Sterling Crispin; Kravets Wehby Gallery (New York) with the work of Allison Zuckerman; SMAC Gallery (Cape Town, Stellenbosch) presented the work of Jody Paulsen; Zilberman Gallery (Istanbul) with the work of Heba Y. Amin; Carrie Secrist Gallery (Chicago) with a selection of paintings by Shannon Finley; Fort Gansevoort (New York) with a presentation of work by Deborah Roberts, and Kleindienst (Leipzig) with work by Christoph Ruckhäberle.
As part of its curatorial ethos, Untitled integrates not-for-profit and artist-run exhibition spaces into the overall layout of the fair, positioning artworks and artists in direct dialogue. This year’s non-profit exhibitors included the Aperture Foundation, Brodsky Center at Rutgers University, EXILE Books with the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, KM.02 and SculptureCenter.


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