Black Lives Matter March American Embassy London – Oliver Malin

Black Lives Matter March American Embassy London - Oliver Malin

Unless you’ve been stuck in outer space or Elon Musk has deployed you to test out the feasibility of luxury corporate space travel during the pandemic, you’ll be aware that we are currently experiencing the most significant global Black civil rights movement since 1968. This has seen an impressive barrage of activities prompted by the incomprehensible murder of George Floyd at the hands of an unfathomably evil Minnesota Police officer. The flame has ignited and this has fueled the fire of a mini-global-revolution.This march took place Sunday 7 June 2020 from Parliament Square to The American Embassy, Nine Elms London. 

This photo series captures the last day of recent demonstration activities in London (bar Bobby Gillespie of Primal scream notoriety), which circumnavigated the American embassy in Nine Elms, near Vauxhall in London.

American Embassy March Artlyst

A wall of Police creates some kind of mobile barrier presence between a section of the March, to be honest, they felt more like they were with the protestors than against

American Embassy March

A bit of a “Where’s Wally” Esq photo taken from a position at least 2 metres from anyone else

American Embassy March

Another view of the protestors proceeding down towards Victoria station via Vauxhall Bridge

Black Lives Matter March American Embassy London - Oliver Malin


George Bernard Shaw once said that one should always lock for the hidden truth in humour, in this instances, there is no masking the reality of the situation in fronts of us as empathetic global citizens


American Embassy March

The strength of BLM current trajectory comes from several specific incidents of societal racism, which has to stop if we can move forward for a loving future of togetherness

American Embassy March

I just took the picture and didn’t create the sign

American Embassy March

I love everything about this photo for a myriad of reasons, the colour scheme alone is what we all need a shot of first thing in the morning as a tonic to these tepid times

American Embassy March

First prize for the meta sign of the day, is awarded to this lady, your prize is waiting at the Artlyst HQ post-pandemic

American Embassy March

Fuck Racism will hopefully be our national slogan sooner rather than later; maybe this can be the poster?

Is anyone is wondering how to use your position of power well, just follow Bobby Gillespie from Primal Screams example, simple as that.

Top Photo: A lucky snap not quite in focus, but the focus of these protestors energy is palatable and real

Words/Photos Oliver Malin © Artlyst 2020

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We all need to be better informed. Read this list by Ibram X Kendi published in the New York Times in 2019 and educate yourself:  Anti-Racism Reading List


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