Fair Comment 2023: International Art Fair Guide Recommended By Artlyst

Frieze Art Fair

The collector’s consensus at many international art fairs is, ‘there are just too many art fairs!’ This may be the case, but breaking this well-correlated list down regionally and not by date gives insight into the multi-layers of demographics of who has the cash and the will to collect in global outposts from India to Miami.

January 2023

SEA Focus, Singapore, 6-15 January

Art SG, Singapore, 12-15 January

London Art Fair, UK, 18-22 January

Fog Design + Art, San Francisco, US, 19-22 January

Original Miami Beach Antique Show, Miami Beach, US, 19-23 January

The Winter Show, New York, US, 20-29 January

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (winter), London, UK, 24-29 January

Art Genève, Geneva, Switzerland, 26-29 January

February 2023

Brafa, Brussels, Belgium, 29 January-5 February

Artefiera, Bologna, Italy, 3-5 February

Zona Maco, Mexico City, Mexico, 8-12 February

India Art Fair, New Delhi, India, 9-12 February

Material, Mexico City, Mexico, 9-12 February

1-54 Marrakech, Morocco, 9-12 February

Art Rotterdam, Netherlands, 9-12 February

Rotterdam Photo, Netherlands, 9-12 February

Intersect Palm Springs, Palm Springs, US, 9-12 February

LA Art Show, Los Angeles, US, 15-19 February

Art Wynwood, Miami, US, 16-19 February

Palm Beach Show, US, 16-21 February

Superfine, Miami Beach, US, 16-19 February

Frieze Los Angeles, US, 16-19 February

Investec Cape Town Art Fair, South Africa, 17-19 February

Palm Springs Modernism, US, 17-20 February

Art Madrid, Spain, 22-26 February

ARCO Madrid, Spain, 22-26 February

Just Mad, Madrid, Spain, 23-26 February

Nomad St Moritz, St Moritz, Switzerland, 23-26 February

March 2023

Art Sampa, São Paulo, Brazil, 1-5 March

Aotearoa Art Fair, Auckland, New Zealand, 2-5 March

Art Dubai, UAE, 1-5 March

Outsider Art Fair, New York, US, 2-5 March

Collect Art Fair, London, UK, 3-5 March

Mercanteinfiera Spring, Parma, Italy, 4-12 March

Collectible, Brussels, Belgium, 9-12 March

Antikmässan, Stockholm, Sweden, 9-12 March

Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany, 10-12 March

Art Fair Tokyo, Japan, 10-12 March

TEFAF Maastricht, Netherlands, 11-19 March

Salon du Dessin, Paris, France, 22-27 March

Art Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 22-25 March

Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 23-25 March

Drawing Now, Paris, France, 23-26 March

MIA Fair, Milan, Italy, 23-26 March

Superfine, San Francisco, US, 23-26 March

Palm Beach Contemporary & Modern, US, 23-26 March

SP-Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 29 March-2 April

PAD Paris, France, 29 March-2 April

Art Paris, France, 30 March-2 April

Art Expo New York, US, 30 March-2 April

Art Dusseldorf, Germany, 31 March-2 April

Urban Art Fair, Paris, France, 13-16 April

April 2023

Superfine, Washington DC, US, 13-16 April

Expo Chicago, US, 13-16 April

miart, Milan, Italy, 14-16 April

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Italy, 18-23 April

The Open Art Fair, London, UK, 19-23 April

PArC (Peru Arte Contemporaneo), Lima, Peru, 19-23 April

Art Brussels, Belgium, 20-23 April

Photofairs Shanghai, China, 20-23 April

Art Market San Francisco, US, 20-23 April

Dallas Art Fair, US, 20-23 April

Discovery Art Fair, Cologne, Germany, 21-23 April

Papier Montreal Canada 21 to 23 April

New York International Antiquarian Book Fair, US, 27-30 April

May 2023

Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London, UK, 10-14 May

Kunst RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3-7 May

Art Vancouver, Canada, 4-7 May

Art Karlsruhe, Germany, 4-7 May

Arte Genova, Italy, 5-7 May

ART (Art Revolution Taipei), Taiwan, 5-8 May

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (spring), London, UK, 9-14 May

Future Fair, New York, US, 10-13 May

Supermarket (Stockholm Independent Art Fair), Sweden, 11-14 May

Photo London, London, UK, 10-14 May

Independent, New York, US, 11-14 May

Superfine, Seattle, US, 11-14 May

Market Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden, 12-14 May

Taipei Dangdai, Taiwan, 12-14 May

TEFAF New York, US, 12-16 May

Eye of the Collector, London, UK, 17-20 May

Frieze New York, US, 17-21 May

Nada New York (New Art Dealers Alliance), US, 18-21 May

Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair, UK, 19-21 May

ARCO Lisbon, Portugal, 25-28 May

June 2023

Arch Moscow, Russia, 7-10 June

Volta Basel, Switzerland, 12-18 June

Liste Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, 12-18 June

Photo Basel, Switzerland, 13-18 June

Design Miami, Basel, Switzerland, 13-18 June

Rhy Art Salon Basel, Switzerland, 15-18 June

Art Basel, Switzerland, 15-18 June

Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan, 23-24 June

July 2023

Masterpiece London, UK, Cancelled

Tokyo Gendai, Japan, 7-9 July

August 2023

Art Market Hamptons, Bridgehampton, US, 10-13 August

Art-o-rama, Marseilles, France, 31 August-3 September

September 2023

Art Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 6-10 September

Frieze Seoul, South Korea, 6-9 September

Art Beijing, China, 9-12 September

Vienna Contemporary, Austria, 7-10 September

Art on Paper, New York, US, 7-10 September

The Armory Show, New York, US, 8-10 September

Photofairs New York, US, 8-10 September

Superfine, New York, US, 14-17 September

Design London, UK, 20-23 September

Goldsmiths’ Fair, London, UK, 26 September-8 October

LAPADA Berkeley Square Fair  Mayfair 27 September and 1 October (preview 26 September)

Lausanne Art Fair, Switzerland, 28 September-1 October

Pinta Photo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28 September-1 October

October 2023

Texas Contemporary, Houston, US, October

The Chicago Show: Antiques & Art & Modern, Chicago, US, October

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (autumn), London, UK, 3-8 October

PAD London, UK, 10-15 October

Frieze London / Frieze Masters, London, UK, 11-15 October

1-54 London, UK, 13-16 October

Art International Zurich, Switzerland, 13-15 October

Paris+ par Art Basel, Paris, France, 19-22 October

Art Toronto Canada 26 – 29 October

Kunst Zurich, Switzerland, 27-30 October

Contemporary Art Ruhr: Innovative Art Fair, Essen, Germany, 27-29 October

November 2023

Art Cologne, Germany, 15-19 November

Artissima, Turin, Italy, 3-5 November

Abu Dhabi Art, UAE, 15-19 November

Art x Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, 2-5 November

Art San Diego, US, 3-5 November

Salon Art + Design, New York, US, 9-13 November

Paris Photo, France, 9-12 November

West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China, 9-12 November

PAN Amsterdam, Netherlands, 19-26 November

December 2023

Scope Miami Beach, US,  29 November – 4 December

Spectrum Miami, US, 6-10 December

AADLA Fine Art & Antiques Show, New York, US, December TBA

Untitled, Miami Beach, US, 5-9 December

Art Miami, US, 5-10 December

Pinta Miami, US, 6-10 December

Art Basel Miami Beach, US, 7-9 December

Design Miami, Miami Beach, US, 7-9 December

INK Miami, Miami Beach, US, 7-9 December

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