Madonna Art Collector’s Humble Brag Is A Stand-Up Comedy Disaster

Last week Madonna got up on the Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, in a staged and contrived act and performed not the best of her 80s music, in medley form, (judging by her get-up) but a cringable stand-up comedy routine. She dug out some of her mothballed desperately seeking susan gear from the back of her wardrobe and spouted the following (abridged) routine. 

“I think it’s always good to talk about what you know so I’m going to talk about dating younger men!…….. I was dating a 26 year old and he was in my house looking at all my art works and I have some Warhol’s hanging on my wall, I’m not bragging, but he was a friend and so he’s looking round, “who are these paintings?” “That’s Warhol Duhh?” And he goes, “well wait a minute you have so many of them.  did you know the guy?”  It’s funny because did you know the guy like because I have so many.  yeh.  They think I’m funny. (pointing to the band) So then I started moving up the food chain and started dating this 28 year old and I took him up to my withdrawing room.  I call it my withdrawing room not the drawing room because I don’t draw in it. I withdraw into it .  I ‘m just worried about this microphone covering my face. I don’t want it to do that. Anyways so I have a Picasso over my fireplace.  I mean I’m not bragging or anything so he looks at it and says, “I know who that is”  and I say “goood”  “Who’s that?” “Picasso isn’t it?” and I say “gooood.”  “He  painted the Mona Lisa didn’t he?”  We broke up.  There is an upside to dating younger guys….. There really good with phones”.

This condescending tirade was about as relatable to the general public as Jeff Koons toasting the wonderfully witty Larry Gagosian, at his Whitney Museum preview dinner. It fell flat as she stumbled to gain laughs and sympathy for her out of touch jokes about cougarisms mixed with big named, big buck artists. The dollar signs on her jacket says it all! How far out of touch she is from her fans or any audience outside of a private party at SoHo House at Art Basel Miami. For that matter, It went over most people’s heads. including mine. 

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