Top 10 – Art Attacks

Top 10 Art Attacks

Cultural vandalism manifests itself in various ugly ways. There are examples of government approved vandalism, like the destruction of TFL’s Eduardo Paolozzi Mosaic Arches At Tottenham Court Road Station. Or the council sanctioned removal of Banksy’s ‘Bird Mob’ from a Clacton-on-Sea restroom. Mindless vandalism through direct action is also rife, just look at the stomach churning 1970s slashing of Rembrandt’s ‘The Nightwatch’ or the mindless cult of tagging great works of art in museums for the sake of another artist’s self-promotion. So let’s reflect behind some bullet proof glass with a nice cuppa of sulphuric acid, here’s the Artlyst Top 10 most horrific Acts Of Art Vandalism.