Top 10 – Artists Behaving Badly

top 10 artists behaving badly

Artists were very likely the first ‘Rock Stars! Since Caravaggio, they have left behind a legacy of volatile extremes whether it be drunken incontinence or in your face infidelities. For every triumph achieved in their careers, there is always a story of excess and outright rude behaviour, leading to a reputation worthy of tabloid headlines.

Kevin Stayton, chief curator of the Brooklyn Museum said; “Great artists push boundaries, have new ways of seeing and thinking, and do things no one has done before. This energy is not going to be confined to their work. It spills over to how they live.”

Rightfully so, but a lifestyle of excesses mixed with hard work can create a legend. Keeping in perspective the one rule is not to overshadow the work by the antics. Here are a few examples of ‘Bad Ass’ artists who have done both quite well.