Top 10 – Feminist Artists

The feminist art movement emerged in the 1960s with women artists taking an interest in how they differed from their male counterparts. It was most prominent in Britain, USA and Germany and has since spread. Feminist artists pointed out that throughout recorded history males have imposed patriarchal social systems in which they have dominated females. Significant in this patriarchal system is the preponderance of art made by males, for male audiences, sometimes transgressing against females. Men have maintained a studio system which has excluded women from training as artists, a gallery system that has kept them from exhibiting and selling their work, as well as from being collected by museums. Although this is somewhat less in recent years.  The Tate in the last year has promoted an active exhibition programme to redress this balance and to reassess the careers of several women artists.  Artlyst has put together its top 10 feminist artists.