Top 10 – Richest Living Male Artists

What is rich?

Here are some definitions taken from the Oxford English Dictionary that may apply to the ten people who top our 1% richest list of successful artists.

Definition in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

1) Having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy

A COUNTRY OR REGION HAVING valuable natural resources or a successful economy:
rich countries can afford to spend money on the environment. Some artists are rich enough to sustain a third world country for a year!

2) Expensive materials or workmanship; rich mahogany furniture, diamond encrusted platinum ‘Bling Art’

3) Of food containing a large amount of fat, spices, sugar, etc.
dishes with wonderfully rich sauces. How many successful artists are overweight? Interesting!

4) Producing a large quantity of something:
novels have always been a rich source of material for the film industry. Signed Damien Hirst prints are plentiful!

5) Informal: a remark causing ironic amusement or indignation:
these comments are a bit rich coming from someone with no money worries!!!!

‘Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.’Andy Warhol

Photo mash-up of art dealer Larry Gagosian and Damien Hirst’s “Love of God”