Top 10 – Strangest Art Performances

Artlyst has delved through the archives of art world oddities to bring you the reader the strangest art performance pieces of all time. From scary works in which the artist risks life and limb, whether on purpose, or as it happens by accident, performances as political protest from artists with a sense of social justice [as with the BP sponsorship protest by the oil-soaked performer above] even if it cost them dearly, attempts to talk to the animals with a bit of felt and a walking stick, to the extreme use of the artists body as art, and artists communing with nature – with potentially fatal results. So put your mask on, climb under your fire-retardant blanket, pump up your water-wings, secure your seatbelt, and don’t forget your bulletproof vest – and enjoy Artlyst’s list of the strangest art performances of all time.