Angela Flowers Leading British Art Gallerist Dies Aged 90

Angela Flowers Obituary

Angela Flowers, a leading British art gallerist and businesswoman who significantly contributed to promoting and developing contemporary art in the United Kingdom, has died aged 90. Born Angela Holland on 19 December 1932, she is best known for founding and running the Angela Flowers Gallery, a prominent and influential gallery in London.

Angela Flowers’ (Died 11 August 2023)  journey in the art world began in the early 1970s when she opened her first gallery space in London’s West End. The gallery quickly gained a reputation for showcasing emerging and established artists and became a hub for contemporary art exhibitions and events. Flowers was known for her keen eye for talent and commitment to promoting diverse artists working in various styles and mediums.

Under Flowers’ leadership, the Angela Flowers Gallery played a crucial role in promoting the work of British artists such as Patrick Hughes, Terry Frost, and Paula Rego, as well as Scottish figurative artists like Peter Howson and John Bellany. The gallery’s exhibitions often focused on contemporary art movements, including abstraction, figurative art, and various avant-garde styles.

Throughout her career, Angela Flowers also actively advocated for the arts in the UK. She was involved in various cultural organisations and initiatives, contributing to the growth of London’s art scene. Her gallery became known for nurturing young artists, giving them a platform to showcase their work, and helping shape many talented individuals’ careers.

The Angela Flowers Gallery expanded over the years, opening multiple spaces in London and playing a pivotal role in developing the Shoreditch arts district in East London. The gallery’s reputation for its dedication to innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions attracted collectors, art enthusiasts, and critics alike.

Angela Flowers’ impact on the art world was widely recognised, and she received several honours and awards for her contributions.

Flowers Gallery currently represents over 50 international artists and artists’ estates, working with a wide range of media. Over the past five decades, the gallery has presented over 900 exhibitions across its global locations, supporting the production of artists’ publications and the presentation of works by gallery artists in art fairs, public galleries, museums and institutions worldwide.

The gallery programme includes major annual summer survey shows and renowned recurring exhibitions such as Artist of the Day and Small is Beautiful. These have formed a critical high-profile platform for many emerging and under-recognised contemporary artists.

The Flowers Gallery continues to operate as a significant cultural institution. Angela Flowers’ legacy as a pioneering gallerist and advocate for contemporary art remains integral to the UK’s cultural history. Her efforts have left a lasting impact on artists, collectors, and the art community as a whole, contributing to the vibrant artistic landscape of the country. Her son Matthew who took over the gallery’s running some years ago will continue the brand.

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