Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror Sculpture Hyde Park London

Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror sculptures previewed against matt grey weather conditions in London today. The four works make up a sculpture installation which uses the backdrop of the park and water features as an ever-changing reflective source. I spoke to the Artist today and he is delighted with the way the sculptures interact with the surroundings. “This is my local park and It is wonderful to be able to share my work with the community”. The main convex sculpture, Sky Mirror was created in 2006 and has already been exhibited in New York’s Rockefeller Centre. The sister works, Sky Mirror Red,(his first experiment with a colour tinted mirror finish on a large-scale sculpture) Spire and C Curve, subtly distort and rearrange the landscape and depending on the angle viewed, bring the sky to earth. The Mirror and other works, sponsored by the Serpentine Gallery, will be on display for six months. Photo:© ArtLyst 2010